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The top 5 Undertaker returns in the last two decades

  • The most awe-inspiring returns of the Deadman.
Punit Kanuga
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Modified 29 Dec 2019, 01:37 IST

The phoenix of wrestling.
The phoenix of wrestling.

Since his debut at the Survivor Series in 1990, The Undertaker has become the cornerstone of WWE. His entrance, unique Deadman character and monstrous low-pitched voice send chills down the spine of not only his opponents but his fans as well. Undertaker's returns have always been unique and awe-inspiring. Hence, at the dusk of the second decade of this millennium, let’s look back and celebrate the best returns of the Deadman from the last two decades.

#5 Return on a black chariot – Royal Rumble 2006

The darkness returned with magic powers.
The darkness returned with magic powers.

In the main event of Royal Rumble 2006, Kurt Angle defeated Mark Henry to retain the World Heavyweight Championship. However, the celebration for the defending champion was short-lived. The familiar gong hit and the arena was engulfed by darkness, marking the return of The Undertaker. Notably, The Deadman was making his return after he successfully defeated Randy Orton a few weeks prior at Armageddon in a Hell in a Cell match.

The Phenom returned on a black chariot driven by a white horse and was surrounded by the druids carrying flaming torches. He gestured to challenge Kurt Angle for the World Heavyweight Championship and then displayed his magic powers as lighning struck above the ring. He soon directed it to the ring poles with Kurt Angle trapped inside. As a result, the ring collapsed and the World Heavyweight Champion was forced down on his knees while the smoke surrounded the ringside.

The perplexed champion looked at his challenger in disbelief as The Phenom stared back at Angle with his icy cold eyes. The men faced each other in an all-time classic match at the following PPV, No Way Out, in February. To date, many fans and critics believe that the match had the WrestleMania potential in it and should have taken place a month later at WrestleMania 22.

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Published 29 Dec 2019, 01:37 IST
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