There is only one woman on WWE SmackDown who is ready for Asuka, and it isn't Charlotte Flair

Asuka was presented with the WWE Women
Asuka was presented with the WWE Women's Championship on SmackDown.

WWE Women's Champion Asuka currently has two top names coming after her title on SmackDown, but fellow superstar Zelina Vega could be waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike.

Asuka defeated Bianca Belair at Night of Champions to capture the erstwhile RAW Women's Championship. The EST's title reign lasted for 420 days, but it finally came to an end at the premium live event in Saudi Arabia. This past Friday on SmackDown, WWE official Adam Pearce promised Belair a rematch against The Empress of Tomorrow if she didn't ruin her title presentation.

Belair obliged, but Charlotte Flair made her return and vowed to take Asuka's title. Adam Pearce then gave Flair a future title shot, and Bianca took to social media to note how ridiculous that was. However, if Asuka can get past Charlotte and Belair, the 32-year-old superstar could be eyeing another title match.

Zelina Vega qualified for Money in the Bank ladder match by defeating Lacey Evans on the June 2 episode of SmackDown. She had the biggest match of her career at Backlash against Rhea Ripley for the SmackDown Women's Championship but came up short. However, she could use the motivation from her loss to Ripley to win the title from Asuka.

Savio Vega reveals he bet on Zelina Vega to be the next WWE Women's Champion

Savio Vega and Zelina Vega were guests on WWE's The Bump recently, and the 58-year-old delivered a heartwarming message to the SmackDown star.

The wrestling legend revealed that he believes Zelina has the potential to be a champion and added that he is betting on her. The former women's tag team champion was overwhelmed by the compliment and thanked Savio for his kind words.

"Thank you so much. That means so much to me. Oh my God, you guys have the Savio Vega telling me Zelina Vega, that is like, insane to me. Thank you so much," said Zelina Vega. [00:34 - 00:42]

Zelina Vega is currently a part of the Latino World Order faction on WWE SmackDown alongside Rey Mysterio, Santos Escobar, Joaquin Wilde, and Cruz Del Toro. She is the inaugural Queen's Crown tournament winner in 2021 and a former Women's Tag Team Champion with Carmella.

It will be interesting to see if Zelina Vega can win the Money in the Bank contract and capture the first singles title of her WWE career.

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