Former Tag Team Champion allegedly saved Randy Orton's life in a real fight with WWE fans

A fan attacked Randy Orton in Ireland
A fan attacked Randy Orton in Ireland

Former WWE Superstar Trevor Murdoch recently recalled getting into a real-life fight with a fan in Ireland to save Randy Orton's life.

After competing in various promotions for a few years, Murdoch signed with WWE in 2005. The 42-year-old spent nearly three years in the Stamford-based company, during which time he teamed up with Lance Cade to win the World Tag Team Championship on three occasions. Nevertheless, the company released him from his contract in July 2008.

Speaking to Steve Fall on NBC Sports Boston, Murdoch recalled when he and his tag team partner were arrested in Belfast, Ireland. The two and several other superstars, including an injured Randy Orton, were at their hotel bar when a fan approached The Viper, who was then the world champion, for an autograph.

Although Orton signed a piece of paper for the WWE fan, the latter refused to leave before The Viper signed something else for him:

"The guy asked Randy to sign something else. And Randy says, 'hey man, I'm with my friends, I've signed your paper, just please leave us alone and let us go about our business. And this fan just turned irate, just instant bipolar disorder I guess, but I mean, 'who the hell are you,' start screaming at Randy, 'we pay for your ticket. We're the reason you're so popular.' Really just being aggressive with him," Murdoch said. [29:52 - 30:18]

Although security intervened upon Orton's request and escorted the fan out, he returned to The Viper 20 minutes later, asking him for another autograph. As Orton pleaded with the guy to leave him alone, the fan again turned aggressive before security took him away and informed Orton and his companions that he had left the hotel.

As the bar closed down, all superstars headed to their rooms. What Orton did not anticipate, however, was that the fan waited for him in the lobby to attack him from behind:

"[The fan] came running around and he was going to hit Randy from behind. Randy turned and saw him coming and yelled Murdoch. (...) I was drunk (...) I see a boy coming, I just turn around just (punch). Just smoke him right in the face. Another guy comes walking at me and he goes to start taking his jacket off and he got that jacket around his elbows, boy that was my shot (punch). What I didn't know was that this gentleman the guy that had been bothering Randy all night was part of an Irish wedding reception and they were all down in the lobby. After I punched the second guy I find myself in a half moon of probably about 25 Irishmen (...) they were ready to kick my a**," Murdoch added. [31:49 - 32:46]

Luckily for Murdoch, Cade, who was walking ahead, realized what had happened and rushed to the rescue of his tag team partner. He knocked four men down before running with Murdoch to the elevator as the other Irishmen chased them. Although they made it safely to their room, they later received a call from Arn Anderson informing them that they were getting arrested.


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Murdoch reveals former WWE Chairman Vince McMahon's reaction to the incident

After getting arrested, the Irish police took Trevor Murdoch and Lance Cade to a room where they surprisingly served them coffee and took photos with the then-World Tag Team Champions.

However, Murdoch and Cade believed former WWE Chairman Vince McMahon would probably fire them for fighting fans and getting arrested in a foreign country. Hence, when they returned to the U.S., they talked to McMahon and explained the situation. They told him they were defending Orton, and it would not have been good for business if someone had recorded a random guy taking out the WWE World Champion:

"He sat there for I don't know, I felt like etenity. It was probably only 15-20 seconds and he goes, 'uh, you know what boys? It's good for tha fans to get their a**es kicked every once in a while (laughs). Don't worry about it. I'll have the lawyers take care of it boys, go on.' We walked away and Lance and I are looking at each other like, 'oh, what just happened?!" Murdoch recalled. [37:21 - 37-42]

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