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Things are finally looking up for the Divas Division

2.70K   //    22 May 2014, 12:12 IST

It is actually a bit weird talking about the divas division so regularly after every edition of Raw but Paige’s debut on Raw has been the main reason why the Divas Division is on the map. The WWE management finally has their trust invested on a 21 year old from Norwich, England. They believe in her so much that the only loss she’s had on the main roster was in front of her fellow countrypeople in London, where a loss won’t hurt her stature.

Another point of note is the person the WWE chose to have Paige lose to. And that’s Alicia Fox- the woman who almost stole the show last week with her sudden fit of rage which was so well received that the Creative had her do it on the edition of Main Event too. And this past episode of Raw saw her doing something in the same energy but an altogether different avatar. Her victory over Paige merited the celebration that followed where she hailed herself as the Queen and how apt to do it in a country which has a Queen.

Alicia Fox and Paige were not the only women who got the crowd to react to something the other demographic, which is the Divas Division, was doing. First of all there should not be any doubt that Fandango is a hero in front of any robust crowd. England is one place where he can come to with a genuine smile. The crowd went Fandango when he made an entrance and they erupted when Summer Rae and Layla got into a trademark ‘WWE catfight’. The kick of that segment was the fight between those two women. Layla is a decent wrestler and Summer Rae is not so bad either. They can have a decent match but it’ll be better if they also engage in some promos because both of them can talk and sell a promo.

Another positive is the increasing attention on the divas as far as air time of the show goes. Is this being done for the ratings or is it that the Creative is finally looking to reinvigorate the division?

Ever since Paige made her debut the level of wrestling in a match has been upgraded and the divas been having good matches. But what could make their match great is if it is preceded by a good feud which should involve considerable mic time and backstage and in ring segments. We haven’t yet heard Paige get engaged in a promo except on the night after Wrestlemania 30. Alicia Fox’s charisma is carrying on this present feud. The coming weeks should have Paige talking as well. Otherwise Paige’s underdog like rise will be left with a lot to be desired.

As reports are making the rounds that AJ Lee is set to return next month, then Fox might just get inevitably out of the picture which is a shame. Paige needs to have a great feud to set the Divas Division back in motion. AJ Lee has been the one diva with consistent spotlight ever since she went a bit derailed and Paige is the newest diva to be thrust in such spotlight but without getting involved in any storyline with a male superstar/s. Actually, Paige hasn’t been in a storyline till now. She is just wrestling and this current feud with Alicia Fox is a good way to move beyond just wrestling and get some storytelling going on.

As Raw continues to hit year low ratings, it’s a hope that the Divas don’t suffer because of it. Their involvement has always, even if they’re on the show for a minute, has seen a surge in the ratings. So having them so something valuable like wrestling in the process is a good deal. 

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