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This day in pro-wrestling history: 18th November

Take a look at the era-defining moments that happened on this day in pro-wrestling.

The Invasion ended 15 years back

On this day fifteen year ago, the WWE buried its biggest competitor onscreen. November, 18th, 2001 was the final time WCW existed as an entity inside a WWE ring. A double cross and a Rock Bottom lead to the storyline dissolution of the WCW-ECW Alliance and officially brought an end to the Invasion storyline. 

As significant as that match was, there were two other memorable events that occurred on November 18 in the past: The birth of one of the greatest stables of the current era and a Hell in a Cell match featuring three of Smack Down’s greatest stars of all time.

#1 Debut of the Shied: November 18th, 2012

November 18th marks the fourth anniversary of the Shield’s main roster debut. One of the greatest stables of all time, the threesome not only dominated WWE as a group but also as singles wrestlers. 

In an interview with Fourth pain Roman Reigns said how WWE came up with the shield:

Well young men who want more who wanted to be the best at what we are doing and it’s that type of competition. It’s like iron sharpens iron. So you know we’ve all stuck together and we formed the most powerful group in the WWE history.

Each member of the Shield would go on to become WWE Champions, and it was only fitting that Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, made their debut in a WWE Championship match. The main event of Survivor Series 2012, was a triple threat match for the WWE Championship with CM Punk defending his title against Ryback and John Cena.

The Shield would attack Ryback during the match and deliver a triple powerbomb through the announcer’s table. Punk would retain the title, extending his historic title reign to over one year.

The Shield meanwhile, would stay together for two years, winning twice at Wrestlemania as a group and dominating the reformed Evolution. Reigns, Rollins and Ambrose, would go on to win six WWE World Heavyweight titles between them.

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