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This day in Pro Wrestling history - 30th January: Becky Lynch turns 30

The birthday of one of the most important women's wrestlers, two future Hall of Famers win the Royal Rumble.

It is Becky Lynch’s birthday today

With the WWE Universe still buzzing about the Royal Rumble, this edition of ‘This day...’ presents two Royal Rumbles that took place on January 30. The first came 12 years ago which would be won by Batista and the other six years ago which was the only 40-man Rumble in history.

In addition to this, January 30 marks the birthday of one of the most popular Divas on either roster – The Irish Lass kicker Becky Lynch.

The former SmackDown Women’s Champion will turn 30 on the eve of this year’s Rumble and even though she is stuck on the pre-show in a six-women tag team match, the night would be special for her.

#1 Becky Lynch’s birthday – 30th January 1987

Young Rebecca Quinn was a multi-sport athlete in her youth, dabbling in swimming, basketball and horse riding, but it was her desire to get into professional wrestling that helped her steer clear of the alcoholism that had affected her during her teenage years.

Born in Ireland, Quinn started training under Fergal Devitt – who later became known as Finn Balor- when she was just 15 years of age. Going by the name of Rebecca Knox, she wrestled for multiple promotions based in Germany, Canada, England and the United States.

Despite huge promises and rave reviews, Knox’s wrestling career was seemingly over at the age of 19 when she damaged her eighth cranial nerve during a match in German Stampede Wrestling.

She would return to school, earn a degree in acting and try alternate career paths like being on plays and working as a flight attendant. 

It would take five years for her to return to wrestling – this time as a manager in Shimmer Women Athletes. Two years later, WWE contacted her in order for her to appear on NXT and ever since then, the rechristened Becky Lynch has lit up the company.

She has had memorable feuds with the likes of Charlotte and Bayley in NXT and debuted on the main roster as part of the Women’s revolution.

Whereas Charlotte and Sasha Banks dominated the Women’s title scene on Raw, Lynch got a new lease of life due to the brand split and took her opportunity to become the first SmackDown Women’s Champion.

She would lose her title to Alexa Bliss, but Lynch is pretty much the No:1 female performer on the brand right now. Happy Birthday, Becky!

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