TNA star must break through the forbidden door and challenge LA Knight at Clash at the Castle

LA Knight should bump into a familiar face at Clash at the Castle.
LA Knight should bump into a familiar face at Clash at the Castle (Images:

WWE and TNA appear to have struck up a partnership and this could be an interesting development regarding LA Knight. The Megastar in WWE previously competed in IMPACT Wrestling as Eli Drake. He's undoubtedly one of the most over stars in pro wrestling, but his former company boasts a fan favorite of its own.

Joe Hendry has appeared all over the internet this past month. His infectious theme song has gone viral, hitting the charts and rivaling tracks from Taylor Swift and Sabrina Carpenter.

The Scottish superstar's 'I Believe in Joe Hendry' theme song reached number four in official UK charts. That's some feat, given he's not a main player in pro wrestling's biggest company.

That might be about to change, though, as the forbidden door opened on NXT this week. TNA Knockouts World Champion Jordynne Grace appeared on the developmental brand and will challenge Roxxane Perez for the NXT Women's Championship at Battleground.

PWInsider reports that more WWE-TNA crossovers are anticipated. The Stamford-based company must capitalize on Joe Hendry's current fanfare and book him in a dream feud with LA Knight.

LA Knight and Joe Hendry have unfinished business, reignite their TNA feud at Clash at the Castle

LA Knight and Joe Hendry had previously encountered one another when the former was in TNA as Eli Drake. They exchanged hilarious promo battles, including a trademark song put together by The Prestigious One.

The longest reigning Impact Digital Media Champion touched on his encounters with Knight in TNA. He hinted that he wished the pair had more time together:

"Me and LA Knight worked together three times, in a small program. I think we had the potential to do something special with that. I think he’s phenomenally talented. He doesn’t always get to verbally spar with someone who can give it back. I don’t think he was used to that... There’s a lot of money to be made in me versus LA Knight. I think the fans would want to see that too." [H/T PWMania].

LA Knight has proven to be one of the best talkers in WWE in recent years. Joe Hendry could be a massive challenge for him to overcome on the microphone, starting at Clash at the Castle.

The WWE SmackDown star isn't too busy at the moment. Many expect him to face Logan Paul for the United States Championship at SummerSlam. He could make a pit stop at Clash at the Castle and either host a talk show or announce an open challenge.

The PLE takes place in Glasgow, Scotland, which is close to Joe Hendry's hometown of Edinburgh. The OvO Hydro would explode if the TNA star appeared because people love him in London, America, and Scotland.

WWE could give Joe Hendry a trial run ahead of possibly joining the company

Joe Hendry has become one of pro wrestling's most talked-about stars this year. He continuously makes headlines, and a couple has even named their newborn baby after The Global Hero.

The former WCPW World Champion has the perfect character to flourish in WWE. Triple H could use the forbidden door to give Hendry a trial run before offering him a permanent spot in the Stamford-based promotion.

The new WWE era involves several comedic characters, including R-Truth and Chelsea Green. Joe Hendry could arguably outshine them as seen with his hilarious work during his rivalry with AJ Francis (formerly Top Dolla).

LA Knight could eventually team with Joe Hendry

The enigmatic duo could come to blows at Clash at the Castle if Joe Hendry decides to break down the forbidden door. They could resolve their issues before forming one of the most entertaining tag teams in WWE history.

There have been several humorous tag teams over the years. Rock 'n' Sock connection and Team Hell No come to mind, and these two would be similarly chaotic.


LA Knight is floundering in the mid-card now, while many expected him to be a main-event player by now. He made a shock exit from the King of the Ring tournament and still has yet to win a singles title. A tag team run with Joe Hendry could give his character another layer.

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