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Top 10 WWE Heel and Face turns of 2019

Rohit Nath
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Modified 21 Dec 2019, 01:18 IST

AJ Styles turned heel in 2019 for the second time
AJ Styles turned heel in 2019 for the second time

Turns in WWE and the world of wrestling are always fun. Since wrestling is a unique form of entertainment in its own right and WWE has shows that run 52 weeks a year non-stop, the entire process of writing and storylines are worlds apart from regular TV shows.

It's not like there are start and stop seasons (even though there is technically a "season premiere" out of formality) where stories can be left with suspense and renewed only a year later. WWE doesn't have that privilege and many argued that if there were off-seasons, the quality of the show would be higher.

Here's the thing - there's no disputing that. The quality of the show would undoubtedly go up when there is a gap and higher anticipation for the shows. However, with WWE, the wheel keeps spinning and that's the way it is.

As a result, they have to keep characters fresh by having them flip-flop from one side to the other. Here are the 5 best heel turns and 5 best face turns of WWE in 2019!

#5. Heel turn: Finn Balor

Back where he belongs
Back where he belongs

NXT's arrival to the USA Network was always going to bring some big surprises and perhaps the best one was the return of Finn Balor to the yellow and gold brand. He's now a permanent member of the roster again, except it's not the same Balor that left NXT three years ago.

It's a new Balor and he's taken his old "Prince" moniker, showcasing a heel persona for the first time in his WWE career. It's interesting because he isn't associated with anyone. It's been clear from the get-go that he's a lone wolf and will stay that way. It was the best possible move for him in 2019.

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Published 11 Dec 2019, 23:03 IST
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