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Top 10 WWE Superstar Win/Loss Records for 2016

Ranking the top winners of 2016!

You might be surprised at where Strowman ranked on this list!

Well, that's a wrap for 2016! This past year was a very eventful one for the WWE, leaving fans with plenty to look forward to in the New Year. Today's style of sports entertainment has evolved into something much different than what the forefathers of the industry had envisioned for the future of the business.

Wrestling has become sports entertainment, just as wrestlers have become superstars. It's a totally different ballgame today, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Sure, some of us miss those older, nostalgic days, but today's style is centred around pure entertainment value.

Essentially, the idea is for each fan is to feel as if the company is offering them a worthwhile return on their investment into the product, via entertainment through storytelling and personally, I'm okay with that.

Yes, I miss the Golden Era and I also enjoyed the Attitude Era, but the reality of the situation is very simple... neither are coming back.

One thing about the sport which will never change is the desire by each and every superstar to become a champion. Regardless of the angle they might be involved with, everyone wants to win a title.

This past year, the WWE gave fans some incredible title reigns, the most notable ones were that of The New Day and of course AJ Styles. Some may argue that wins and losses don't matter anymore, which is the most ludicrous notion anyone could make of the industry.

Of course wins and losses matter. In fact, that brings me to the topic of this article. We have taken a look back at each superstar’s wins and losses from the entire year of 2016 and have finalised the list of the top 10 Superstars, according to their winning percentage.

It's important to note the that we are not including wins and losses from house shows, only televised events, such as Raw, Smackdown and of course, the pay-per-view events.

#10 Charlotte

28 wins/19 losses/0 DQ

60% Winning Percentage

With a 12-1 PPV record, Charlotte is indeed the Queen of pay-per-views

Charlotte had a year that legends are made of. While her win/loss record on Raw was nothing to write home about, she dominated in pay-per-view competition, with a PPV record of 12 wins and 1 loss.

While in NXT, the jury was still out on whether or not Charlotte would be able to live up to the high standards associated with her last name. However, once she arrived on the main roster, something magical happened, resulting in a completely different Charlotte.

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She now truly has a complete package. One of the primary elements of her arsenal that she has improved on the most, is her confidence. Charlotte sometimes looks like a mirror image of how her father used to carry himself in the business.

She has certainly inherited her father's charisma, which gives her an edge that is almost untouchable. Charlotte Flair now has the potential to have a career that will have fans talking about her decades from now.

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