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Top 5 contenders for Unified WWE Championship after TLC

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The WWE landscape is all set to change at TLC as the titles are bound to be unified. It’s going to be one less title for the superstars to fight for which shoots the value of it to unprecedented heights.

Though it is unlikely that the writers will remove John Cena and Randy Orton from the equation, there are plenty of wrestlers in the roster who deserves a go at the most priced honor in the business.

From fan favorites to underrated wrestlers, here is a look at the top five stars that deserve a shot at the unified WWE Championship.

5. Roman Reigns

The sooner the better

The sooner the better

It might be a bit too early to put Reigns in the title picture, but the momentum he carries after Survivor Series makes him a good option for the creative. Since the inception of Shield, Reigns has been the most protected member of the trio, he rarely takes a pin or submits and showed that the WWE has immense confidence in his abilities.

It was capped off in the recent Survivor Series and could propel higher after TLC. The handicap match with CM Punk most probably will have a twist in the tale, with the likely one being the split of Shield. The creative clearly sees Reigns as a singles superstar and won’t be wasting much time in giving him the big one to prepare him by the time of WrestleMania.

4. Dolph Ziggler

Another shot maybe?

Another shot maybe?

Now, Ziggler is one of those wrestlers in the roster who currently have no direction at all, and he also hasn’t got a real shot at the title after he lost it. With Damien Sandow busy with the intercontinental championship and Big E Langston, Ziggler has virtually no one in the company with whom he can showcase his skills.

His technical ability and speed in the ring also makes him more worthy challenger for the title than the other possible star, Mark Henry. Ziggler might not look colorful when pitted up against the authority, but he definitely deserves to be in the limelight because of the hard work he has been putting in to do his job well.

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