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Top 5 Randy Orton-John Cena matches of all time

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3- Tables Match, Raw, Sept. 13, 2010

Raw, September 2

Raw, September 2010

Though there were no titles up for grabs in this match, it still managed to live up to the hype of being the first tables match on Raw in a span of three years. The match came as a buildup for the six pack challenge for the WWE championship that was to be held on that Sunday and that resulted in a string of interference featuring the lights of then WWE Champion Sheamus, Edge, Chris Jericho and the Nexus. But all of them failed to steal the limelight as Cena and Orton fought off the interlopers. Fife tables were broken on the match but the last one proved to be the match deciding one, when Orton gave Cena a ride through the wood with an RKO.

2- WWE Championship Anything Goes Iron Man Match, Bragging Rights 2009

Bragging rights, 2009

Bragging rights, 2009

After their showdown at Hell In a Cell, Orton and Cena headed straight into Bragging right to fight it out in a classic iron man match with a twisted anything goes stipulation. The one hour epic took both men to extreme limits and saw the fans stunned at the edge of their seats. Finishers were thrown off for fun as each RKO and Attitude adjustment showed the fans how high the stakes were. Orton even to extents of using the pyro techniques to his advantage and with the match tied at five falls each and seconds to go, a bloodied Cena emerged with a STF to make Orton tap out and crawl out of the pay-per-view as the new champion.

1-      WWE Championship “I Quit” Match, Breaking Point 2009

Breaking Point, 2009

Breaking Point, 2009

Another one from the infamous feud in 2009, this match showcased unbelievable intensity between the two. The match served as a test for Cena’s “Never Give Up attitude” and the Champ had to go through some brutal beating to keep the trait intact. Orton worked on his opponent’s skull with steel steps and TV monitors before handcuffing Cena to the ring and crushing with kendo sticks. But Cena turned the tables quickly as Orton found himself handcuffed and tapping out to the STF. Orton admitted defeat to the sheer perseverance of Cena and the fans got to witness one of the brutal matches between the two. And the expectations will be soared to undefined heights as the two will battle it out once again at TLC to crown a Unified Champion.

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