Top Actor from Better Call Saul wants to see a brutal match between Ben Shapiro and WWE Legend

Ben Shapiro was proposed to face a WWE legend by an actor from Better Call Saul series
Ben Shapiro was proposed to face a WWE legend by an actor from Better Call Saul series

WWE Superstars being referenced in various mainstream media is not a common occurrence, which recently happened to Batista after a top star from the TV series Better Call Saul proposed an interesting matchup.

The Animal was one of the superstars that later found a career in acting, which turned out to be just as successful during his wrestling run. One of his biggest roles so far is as Drax the Destroyer in the Marvel cinematic universe. He also recently played Duke Cody in Glass Onion, the sequel to the Knives Out movie franchise.

Just this week, Ben Shapiro released a lengthy rant on Twitter criticizing Glass Onion's writing and "woke" themes throughout the film. One example is Batista's character Duke, who is portrayed as a men's-rights Twitch streamer.

Not long after, Better Call Saul actor Michael McKean, who played Chuck McGill, proposed that the wrestling veteran should face Shapiro in a cage match for a pay-per-view event.

"Ben Shapiro. Dave Bautista. Cage match. Pay-per-view. Make it so."

Interestingly, this was not the first time Ben's name was aligned with a WWE star. In the recent past, Paul Heyman boldly claimed that Roman Reigns would be able to defeat the likes of Shapiro alongside Andrew Tate and Jordan Peterson.

Another WWE Superstar was linked to Better Call Saul in the past

Aside from Batista, another superstar whose name was linked to the crime and legal drama was The Miz, wherein a former WWE personality compared the latter to the series.

During The Miz's feud against Dexter Lumis on the Red brand, there was a point where the A-Lister faked an injury in hopes of distracting his opponent. Later that night, the former Intercontinental Champion attacked Lumis while the latter was making his entrance.

The Miz's acting was then slammed by Jim Cornette, who claimed it was exaggerated and compared it to the series Better Call Saul.

"All night long Miz had been selling a slip and fall like Better Call Saul so that he doesn't have to wrestle Dexter Lumis in this match they've got because he's scared of Dexter Lumis. And at one point, oh Johnny same face just comes into the trainer's room and yells, 'hey there's Dexter Lumis and f**king Miz just jumps up on his feet like nothing's wrong,"

From the looks of it, superstars and WWE in general will continue to appear and be mentioned in various pop culture products.