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Triple H turning on Rollins? Divas reunite, US Marine joins NXT

4.91K   //    26 May 2015, 09:36 IST
Rollins not the chosen one for long?

- According to the Wrestling Observer one idea being discussed for future storylines is to break Seth Rollins away from the Authority and have him feud with Triple H. The scenario would most likely be heel Triple H turning on babyface Rollins. 

The feeling is that with Rollins adopting the Pedigree and becoming even closer with Triple H, this is just building to an eventual falling out. It could be similar to when Triple H originally feuded with Randy Orton and Batista after Evolution.

- Attitude Era divas  Ivory, Lita, Terri Runnels, Trish Stratus and Victoria were back together at Saturday’s “Lasting Legacy: A Tribute To Women In Wrestling” event in North Carolina:

-  New NXT recruit Kenneth Crawford, a US Marine, spoke about his future in a interview:

I want to be WWE World Heavyweight Champion. The title has so much history. By having that, it means the company has trust in you. When the company has invested in you to be the No. 1 man, it’s on you to rise to that level or continue doing what you’re doing. Another goal is just to be as entertaining in every aspect [of sports-entertainment] as possible, whether it’s on the mic, on commentary, in the ring, attire, presentation, everything. I want to be the best example in the company.

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