Was there real-life heat between Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss?

Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss are two of WWE's top stars.
Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss are two of WWE's top stars.

There has been a lot of chatter around Sasha Banks as she and Naomi walked away from the latest RAW. Wrestling is a volatile industry filled with stories of flaring tempers, egos, and stars having heat with their peers. Like Bret Hart and Goldberg, the bitterness never seems to end in some cases. Other times, however, the involved parties bury the hatchet for good.

One such instance of personal rivalry happened between Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss. They are two of the most successful women on the WWE roster and have had multiple championship reigns. Unfortunately, there were numerous whispers that they did not get along and had to be kept separate backstage.

Naturally, the question arises as to whether there was real-life heat between Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss. If you are looking for an answer, we have it for you right here.

Both women reportedly did have heat backstage. While the origin is unknown, the two women have repeatedly stated that they did not want to work with each other. The Boss fired the first shot on RAW Talk in 2017, where she reportedly went off-script while discussing their feud.

"You know, when you work so hard of... of trying to live your dreams since you were 10 years old and you see people and girls just come in and get everything handed to them because they want to play a certain way or act a certain way and just legit talk your way into a championship match, but you want to run away when it gets hard. I’ve never run away... I’m gonna keep on doing that until I need to prove to her and everyone out there that ever doubted me - I’m the best for the reason. I’m THE best. I’m the greatest women’s wrestler this company’s ever seen. And if she doesn’t believe me, she better just watch me," Banks said.

Host Renee Young tried to end the show and praised The Goddess for her journey and the work she put in, but Banks wasn't finished:

"What work, Renee? Look, you don’t have to come from the indies to be here, but you do have to respect it. You don’t need to lie your way saying 'Oh my god, I love - I love this company.' Girl, you don’t need to lie, just be yourself. And if she was herself, maybe I would like her. There are girls who don’t like this business, but they learn to respect it. And she doesn’t show any respect. And that’s what I’m gonna teach her - respect."

The current Women's Tag Team Champion also mentioned back in 2018 that Bliss was among the last people she wanted to wrestle. When asked if she wanted to wrestle her former rival again, Banks replied, "Not really. I think if they want to have me wrestle Alexa, they can do that because I can do my job very well."

Alexa Bliss' response to Sasha Banks

In response to what Sasha Banks had to say about her, Alexa Bliss stated that she wanted to remain professional and insisted that what her rival thought about her was entirely up to the latter.

“I’ve seen the things she said about me. If that’s how she feels, that’s fine. But we know that we put it to the side and have a productive, professional match because that’s what it’s all about,” Bliss said.

However, both women have seemingly buried the hatchet and ended their feud. In an interview with Stephanie Chase, Banks was asked who she would like to team up with, and she named Bliss as her partner of choice and called her "cute."

It is nice to see the two rivals put aside their differences and get on friendly terms. We hope to see Sasha Banks vs. Alexa Bliss again at some point in the future. The two women are elite in-ring workers, and we have no doubt that a match between them will be a cracker.