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Weekly Podcast recap: 6th November, 2016

Riju Dasgupta
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The Undertaker was a hot topic of discussion on the podcasts

Hot on the heels of Hell in a Cell, Raw and Smackdown, it was quite an eventful week for the wrestling world. We went and checked out some podcasts from across the world, and take delight in presenting the highlights to you.


Dave Meltzer had many interesting predictions this week

We joined Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez, for their recap of this week in wrestling. But before they spoke about the squared circle, they touched upon the elections. Meltzer was in shock that Donald Trump seemed like a legitimate candidate right now, considering all the things he’s known to say.

He also said the elections were the main reason Monday Night Football, and Raw were down (though Raw was down to a lesser degree). And this is because this election has given you everything you would want out of wrestling- speeches, debates, twists and turns, storylines, etc. 

Both Meltzer and Alvarez were critical of the 205 Live show on Tuesdays because they felt that it should have been taped and saved for Wednesdays! We learned that these cruiserweights will most likely tour with NXT.

They felt the 3rd hour of Raw has made it less popular. Nobody will watch Cruiserweights after an actual show, thought Dave Meltzer. Meltzer lamented the fact that WWE thinks that they’re doing well because they’re profitable. 

The duo was shocked at the fact, that Goldberg was brought out at the beginning of Raw because this made did the older audience tune out and the younger audience who were out for Halloween, miss it!

It's no surprise that Raw had its 2nd lowest viewership, since 1987. On the other hand, Smackdown numbers are up, and The Undertaker is returning the week after this because the elections will be over by then.

Will AJ face Cena or The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 33?

Alvarez feels that Orton vs. Taker would be a great match, as Orton was a safe worker. Meltzer feels that Taker should go out in a match against AJ Styles because AJ would do all the work for you. But both of them think that AJ’s mania match will be, against Cena, where he finally becomes the 16-time world champion.

Furthermore, they brought out the fact that Flair, while being okay that he is called the 16-time world champion, is now claiming he’s an 18, 21 and 23-time world champion. Which he honestly is, if the record books are revisited, proclaimed Dave Meltzer!

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