When Baron Corbin was caught trying to steal a WWE Superstar's wallet

Baron Corbin ran out of money last year and had to resort to stealing
Baron Corbin ran out of money last year and had to resort to stealing

The second half of 2021 brought hard times to Baron Corbin, who lost his investments and savings to the point where he had to steal stuff from fellow wrestlers.

On the June 18, 2021, episode of WWE SmackDown, Corbin lost a Battle for the Crown match to Shinsuke Nakamura, with the loss effectively ending his King Corbin gimmick.

Shortly after, Corbin began appearing in dirty clothes and sporting an unshaven beard. He revealed that he had lost everything he owned after his loss to Nakamura. He urged the WWE Universe to donate to his GoFundMe campaign so that he could get back on his feet.

In desperation, Baron Corbin sold his expensive watch to former World Champion Dolph Ziggler. This wasn't enough, though, and Corbin finally did something he would regret for the rest of his career. On August 10, 2021, Lince Dorado tweeted that he caught Corbin trying to steal his wallet:

Check out the tweet below:

Thankfully, Corbin's bad patch didn't last long, and he made loads of money while he was in Vegas. Dorado's tweet is still up on Twitter and will haunt Corbin for a long time.

Baron Corbin is doing quite well for himself at the moment

Corbin has come a long way in the past 12 months or so. He recently aligned with WWE Hall of Famer JBL and now dubs himself "The Modern Day Wrestling God.” The moniker was given to him by JBL himself, who recently had massive praise for Corbin:

"This is the emergence, the debut, of the modern-day “Wrestling God”. The era of dominance, this man is a cornerstone. This is what you build a company on. So this has nothing to do with my return. I came back for one reason, and one reason only, and that is because this man is here. There is a lot of people out there you think ‘oh, I could be that guy’. You can’t be him. So ask him the questions because that is the man." [H/T SE Scoops]

Baron Corbin has firmly established himself as one of WWE's top heels in recent memory. The 38-year-old star would love to have a main event run with the top title before he calls it quits down the road.

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