Lince Dorado

Lince Dorado

Personal Information

Full Name Jose Cordero
Date of Birth May 11, 1987
Nationality San Juan, Puerto Rico
Height 5 ft 7 in (170 cm)

Lince Dorado News

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Lince Dorado: A Brief Biography

Jose Cordero was better known by the ring name "Lince Dorado" born on May 11, 1987, in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He's a Puerto Rican professional wrestler, is an eminent member of WWE's RAW and 205 Live roster. Dorado is associated with the trio known as "The Lucha House Party", which also involves the former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Kalisto and Gran Metalik. He was trained by El Pantera in Mexico. Apart from his WWE stint, Dorado is known for his work in Chikara and other notable independent wrestling promotions.

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Professional Wrestling Career

In-ring debut of Dorado

Initially, Dorado began his career in an Independent Circuit. He worked in Chikara wrestling promotion in a King of Trios tournament with Pandera, and Sicodelico. Thye faced Mike Quakenbash, Shane storm, and Jigsaw but they lost the tournament in the semi-final stage. Dorado then moved to the United States and began to wrestle full-time for the Chikara promotion. He gained popularity for his high-flying moves. And went on to defeat Jigsaw which was considered an upset victory as he was a main eventer at the promotion. However, Dorado lost the finals against Chuck Taylor in the Rey de Voladores Tournament. He faced Chris Hero and had a shocking victory against him in Chikara Special. He also defeated Mitch Ryder. Dorado then faced Ryder in a Hair vs Mask match in which Dorado suffered a serious head injury resulting in a concussion. He later left the promotion after suffering an injury. In January, he returned back and wrestled in some trios match. He teamed up with Claudio Castagnoli and Ophidian against Mike Quakenbach's team in which Dorado win. Dorado and his team faced "The BLKOUT" and in which Kingston lost via. a submission to Dorado. Dorado went to feud with Kingston later on where Kingston avenged for the loss. Kingston defeated Dorado on multiple occasions. In 2008, he was in a faction named "Equinox" along with Olsen and they went on against "The Osirian portal" for the titles but lost.

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Dorado wrestling in Chikara promotion.

Wrestling in various other promotions

Dorado wrestled in Dragon Gate USA promotion and he participated in the Open the Freedom Gate Tournament where he lost to Akuma. Also, he won the Garden State Pro Wrestling Championship in the Garden State Pro Wrestling promotion. Dorado joined the Real Championship Wrestling and wrestled Rich Swann in 2010 but he lost. Dorado wrestled for a short time in TNA wrestling, Dreamwave Wrestling, and Ignite Wrestling. In TNA, he faced Christian York in a match at the X-Travaganza pay-per-view. But Dorado didn't have a full-length run with any of the promotions.

Working in WWE

Dorado began to work in WWE in the Cruiserweight Division at the time of his debut. He faced Mustafa Ali in a match in which Dorado had the victory. He then faced Rich Swann his old rival in the second round of the Cruiserweight Classic Tournament and lost the grip, unfortunately. He had his debut match against Rich Swann and lost the match in September 2016. When 205 Live started to televise on RAW. On the September 26, episode of RAW Dorado wrestled alongside Drew Gulak in a match against Rich Swann, and Cedric Alexander but they lost. Dorado teamed with Cedric Alexander and Sin Cara to defeat Ariya Daivari, Drew Gulak, and Tony Nese in a tag match. Lince Dorado challenged Neville for the Cruiserweight title but failed to pick up the victory.

In 2018, Lince Dorado made his Debut on RAW. He was accompanied by his fellow workers Kalisto, Lince Dorado. They Debuted in the main roster under the name of "Lucha House Party." Also, they were three original luchadors of Mexican origin who were combined to form the faction. The faction gained popularity among the fans and they loved the faction for their High flying moves and Top rope maneuvers. And they had success with their Mexican luchador gimmick in WWE. They had their first match on WWE RAW where the 205 Live took place within the three-hour show. Lucha House Party went on to take the team of Tony Nese, Ariya Daivari, and T J Perkins and they won their debut match on RAW. Subsequently, on the next episodes, they went on to clash with some of the big teams in the tag team division such as the Revival, Ascension. Soon they were involved in some tag division feuds. And they went on to defeat the biggest tag team in the business like the Revival and New Day. Lucha House Party won their first face-off with the Revival but lost it when they went to compete in the fatal four-way match for the RAW Tag team titles to the Revival. They also participated in Tag team turmoil match in Crown Jewel 2019 in which they lost within a short span of time. And later on in their run on RAW they had some matches but lost their momentum without evening lifting one tag team title their glory was at the diminishing end.

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After their up to par run on RAW, they went to SmackDown as a part of the WWE Draft in 2019 announced by Stephanie Mcmahon. They had some awesome matches during their time. They faced in a classic match for the SmackDown tag team championship. Also, they defeated the Miz and Morrison in a match. This fueled a fight between both of them. They defeated the teams to gain a top spot but ultimately failed to conquer the title against the reigning champion the "New Day." Both Metalik and Dorado were shifted to RAW in the 2020 Draft and they weren't used in the company due to the company's changing policies and their lackluster attribute towards the Tag division. When Triple H announced the "Dusty Rhodes Classic" Tournament in 2020 both Metalik and Dorado became an entrant into the tournament. And they went on to fight Imperium and Legado El Fantasma. But failed to win the tournament. On November 4, 2021, he was released with Gran Metalik from WWE as a result of the budget cuts.

Championships and Accomplishments

  1. Championship Wrestling Entertainment
  2. CWE Tag Team Championship (1 time)

  1. Chikara
  2. King of Trios (2008)
  3. La Loteria Letal

  1. Dreamwave Wrestling
  2. Dreamwave Alternative Championship (1 time)

  1. FIRST Wrestling
  2. Sweet Sixteen Tournament (2009)

  1. Force One Pro Wrestling
  2. F1 Heritage Championship (1 time)

  1. Full Impact Wrestling
  2. Florida Heritage Championship (1 time)

  1. Future of Wrestling
  2. FOW International Championship (1 time)

  1. Garden State Pro Wrestling
  2. GSPW Championship (1 time)
  3. GSPW Championship Tournament (2010)

  1. NWA Florida Underground Wrestling
  2. NWA FUW Flash Championship (1 time)

  1. Independent Wrestling Revolution
  2. Revolucha Cup (2008)

  1. RIOT Pro Wrestling
  2. RIOT Tag Team Championship (1 time)

  1. Southern Championship Wrestling Florida
  2. SCW Florida Heavyweight Championship (1 time)
  3. SCW Florida Cruiserweight Championship (1 time)
  4. SCW Florida Cruiserweight Championship Tournament (2011)

  1. WWE
  2. WWE 24/7 Championship (1 time)

  1. Other championships
  2. Team HAMMA FIST Championship (1 time)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the real name of Lince Dorado?

His real name is Jose Cordero

Q2. Where was he born?

He was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Q3. What is the nickname of Lince Dorado?

Perfect 10, The Feline Phenomenon, The Golden Lynx of Lucha Libre.