When Bayley and 6-time WWE Women's Champion fought over Seth Rollins before he married Becky Lynch

WWE Superstars Seth Rollins and Bayely had a close friendship
WWE Superstars Seth Rollins and Bayely

In 2012, Seth Rollins made his main roster debut. That same year, Bayley signed with WWE. Over the past decade, the two superstars have had a close relationship. The Visionary also had a close friendship with Bayley's real-life best friend, Mercedes Varnado (fka Sasha Banks). In 2016, The Role Model and Varnado jokingly fought over Rollins as both wanted to call themselves his best friend.

The competition between the two ladies started when Varnado retweeted a fan art of hers and Rollins. Bayley then responded by posting a photo of herself with The Visionary. As the former WWE Champion later interrupted a Bayley Q&A session, The Role Model welcomed him with a hug.

"Internet is going crazy right now. [See, this was not a set up] No, Sasha is gonna be very upset. She's gonna be real upset. I'm concerned for my own health and safety, you [Bayley] should too. So I'm gonna go this way now. I'm gonna get out of here before something bad happens," Rollins jokingly said. [0:28 - 0:50]

Over the next few weeks, Bayley and Varnado continued jokingly fighting over Rollins' friendship on social media. Meanwhile, The Role Model has referred to The Visionary as her "brother" on Twitter several times over the past few years.


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Bayley is currently feuding with Seth Rollins' wife on WWE RAW

Over the past few weeks, Bayley has been feuding with Seth Rollins' wife, Becky Lynch, on Monday Night RAW. Last Monday, The Role Model made their rivalry very personal when she claimed that Lynch was "not enough" for her husband, stating that Rollins married her just because he got her pregnant.

The Man later responded by posting a photo of Bayley and Rollins on Twitter. In the caption, she seemingly accused The Role Model of wanting to steal her husband.

"I guess it’s not just my spot she's after. #WWERAW," Lynch wrote.
I guess it’s not just my spot she’s after. #WWERAW

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