When current star's WWE Championship win was cancelled after "awkward" backstage argument: He still hasn't won it 6 years later

WWE and Vince McMahon pulled the plug on WWE Superstar
WWE and Vince McMahon pulled the plug on WWE Superstar's push

If WWE can push a superstar to the top, they can also hold one back. This is exactly what the company did to Baron Corbin, not because of something he did inside the ring but because of what happened backstage.

More often than not, WWE attempts to look past mishaps in the ring, such as slight breaking of character or forgetting the promo lines, but the company expects everyone to be completely professional backstage. Unfortunately, Baron Corbin expressed his opinion at the wrong place at the wrong time, and Titanland put a stop sign on Corbin’s push.

As per certain reports, back in 2017, Corbin and Dr. Joseph Maroon had an awkward back-and-forth about the importance of disclosing injuries and concussions to management. As per Corbin, he chimed in with his two cents about head trauma being common among NFL players since their helmets absorb significant impact. Furthermore, he referred to a movie where Dr. Maroon played the role of a doctor who did not agree upon a relationship between players suffering from CTE and football concussions.


This put Dr. Maroon in a challenging position, and the entire session turned into a snappy debate. Dr. Maroon became more focused on defending his stance rather than conducting the session.

Others in the session believed that while Corbin's disagreement with the doctor was his opinion, he shouldn’t have done so during the session. A better option was to speak to him privately afterward.

Baron's backstage conduct led to WWE pulling the plug on his push and not giving him a title run. It’s been six years since the incident, and The Lone Wolf is yet to hold a championship.

Baron Corbin has set his eyes on the WWE NXT Championship

Following WWE Draft 2023, Baron Crobin was one of the few superstars who weren’t drafted to RAW or SmackDown. As a free agent, he is free to appear on any of the three flagship shows, and it seems like The Lone Wolf has made his choice.

On the May 30, 2023, episode of NXT, Corbin ambushed current NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes, indicating a desire for the gold. One may note that Corbin has appeared on the former Gold and Yellow brand after spending nearly seven years on the main roster.

This could be a way to build Baron Corbin with a long-term investment plan by the creative team, considering how he has been involved in entertaining storylines during his time on the main roster.

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