When ex-WWE CEO Stephanie McMahon revealed if she ever had a homosexual encounter

Former WWE Chairwoman & Co-CEO Stephanie McMahon
Former WWE Chairwoman & Co-CEO Stephanie McMahon

Stephanie McMahon dated a few guys before getting into a romantic relationship with WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H while working together on a storyline in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Meanwhile, several other male and female superstars have admitted to having a crush on The Billion Dollar Princess.

In 2002, McMahon was a guest on The Howard Stern Show when the controversial host asked her if she had ever slept with a woman. The 46-year-old disclosed that although a woman once hit on her, she never slept with a female.

"I've not had s*x with a woman but I've had a woman come on to me before," she said. [From 17:02 - 17:05]

Meanwhile, the former SmackDown General Manager recalled the time she took part in a "Hot Lesbian Action" segment on WWE TV after losing a challenge to then-RAW General Manager Eric Bischoff.

"Actually, at our last pay-per-view, I almost had HLA. [What's that?] Hot lesbian action. [Oh, really?] Yep, see, my guys lost a match and I lost the bet so I was in the ring and these two hot chicks, one was in front of me and one was behind me. Actually, one of them does that p**yboy night show. So, they were starting to kiss me and rubbing my arms and rubbing my legs and you know, all that kind of stuff. [Did you like it?] Yeah, I kinda liked it," said Stephanie McMahon. [From 17:06 - 17:32]

Stephanie McMahon previously revealed Triple H's reaction to her discussing their intimate details on The Howard Stern Show. Check out her comments here.

Howard Stern expressed his desire to marry ex-WWE CEO Stephanie McMahon

Before hosting her on his show, Howard Stern spoke about Stephanie McMahon during another episode with WWE Hall of Famer Chyna. The controversial talk show host expressed his desire to marry The Billion Dollar Princess for her money.

Stern jokingly stated that he would clean out the McMahon family if he married Vince McMahon's daughter.

"I'd love to marry Stephanie McMahon. I'd back up the Brinks truck. Vince McMahon is personally worth a billion dollars. [...] I'll tell you if I married Vince McMahon's daughter, my second car would be a Brinks truck so I could back it up and get the money. I would clean out that whole family," he said.

Stephanie McMahon broke up with Triple H two months after they started dating. Check out the story here.