Which is The Rock's original Twitter account? Avoid confusion as Elon Musk gets rid of the Blue checkmark

The Rock
The Rock's Twitter account was established in 2011

The Rock's Twitter account was also one of the many celebrities and WWE Superstars whose blue checkmark verification was removed. To make sure fans won't confuse Dwayne Johnson's actual account with another, read on to find out.

Dwayne Johnson's Twitter account is simply named TheRock, and it was established in February 2011. As of this writing, the Hollywood megastar has 17 million followers and 27 thousand tweets. His other social media accounts, like Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, have the same username. Meanwhile, his Facebook page is named Dwayne The Rock Johnson.

Just recently, the aforementioned platform removed the blue tick of various accounts that opted not to pay $8 per month to keep their verification. Celebrities, musicians, politicians, and athletes, no matter how famous, also got their blue checks removed.

This recent change has surely caused a number of concerns. For WWE Superstars alone, there have been cases of people impersonating them on social media. They would then use that account to interact with fans, with some even losing money after thinking it was their favorite wrestler.

With a celebrity like Dwayne Johnson, who is one of the most followed and well-known personalities in the world, one can only hope that his name won't be used for any negative interactions with unsuspecting fans online.

Aside from The Rock, numerous WWE have also opted not to pay for their Twitter accounts

While several superstars decided to keep their Blue Ticks, like fellow actor and professional wrestler John Cena, others decided to skip the $8. However, they made sure fans were wary about the accounts they might interact with in the future.

Some of The Rock's family members also decided not to pay $8. His cousin and current Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns' Twitter account is also not verified. The Hollywood actor's daughter and NXT star Ava also doesn't have a verified account but has issued a stern reminder to fans that she only has one account on the Bird app.

Meanwhile, WWE Superstars Alexa Bliss and Zelina Vega had other plans for their eight dollars. In a tweet, they expressed their interest in donating the money to an animal shelter every month instead.

It remains to be seen if changes regarding the new policy on Twitter will be altered or if it will indeed become permanent. For now, fans can only be careful while interacting with people on the internet, especially if they claim to be someone famous.

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