Who is Matt Camp? Details on his WWE release and more

Matt Camp was the host of popular WWE Show, The Bump
Matt Camp was the host of popular WWE Show, The Bump

Last year, in September, several WWE stars were released from the company. These cuts witnessed top superstars like Dolph Ziggler and Shelton Benjamin walk away from the Stamford-based promotion. While a long time has passed since, recently another WWE employee has been released.

The former employee is Matt Camp. According to PWInsider, Camp was cut from the TKO Group-owned promotion last week. This news indeed comes as a shock since Camp has been involved with several shows since signing with the company in September 2019.

During his time with the promotion, he was the host of WWE's The Bump. He also made regular appearances on the promotion's digital shows, RAW Talk and SmackDown LowDown. Previously, Camp was involved in pro wrestling as an announcer with Tommy Dreamer's promotion, House of Hardcore. He also briefly worked for Busted Open Radio.

Now that Matt Camp has been released from the Stamford-based promotion, it will be interesting to see where he goes next. Camp has plenty of experience to secure a move to a nice promotion and further enhance his career.

Current WWE employee sends Matt Camp a heartfelt message post his release

Given Matt Camp spent over four years in WWE, it was only natural for him to have forged some great relationships. After all, Camp was the host of one of the promotion's most popular talk shows, The Bump. Hence, his release has evoked plenty of reactions on social media.

While fans have expressed their disappointment about seeing him leave, his former colleague Kayla Braxton also wrote a heartfelt message for Camp.

In her message, Braxton called him a partner in crime and even mentioned she couldn't wait to see what he does.

"@themattcamp was my partner in crime for many years. You'll be missed. Can't wait to see what you do next, Uce!" she wrote.

There might be many working in the promotion who might be disappointed to see him go. Apart from Kayla Braxton, Camp also shared a great relationship with Megan Morant, as the duo often hosted episodes of The Bump.

It remains to be seen who replaces Camp on the upcoming episode of The Bump.

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