Who did The Rock's daughter kidnap? Looking at Ava Raine's heinous crime on WWE NXT

Ava Raine kidnapped her arch-rival on WWE NXT
Ava Raine kidnapped her arch-rival on WWE NXT

Ava Raine made her presence felt in a big way on the latest episode of WWE NXT. A member of The Schism, the heel gained major heat from the audience by kidnapping her arch-rival on live television.

The Rock's daughter made her surprise NXT debut last year in October. She got included in Joe Gacy's stable and immediately began a feud with a popular babyface. Ava Raine's opponent got the better of her in recent weeks, but the youngster turned the tables on Tuesday.

Backstage on NXT, Ava Raine was seen kidnapping Chase U's Thea Hail. The Rock's daughter made her move when her target was busy speaking to Tiffany Stratton.

The segment was a great way to showcase each superstar involved: Ava finally snapped on Thea Hail's constant interference, spoiling her schemes. At the same time, Tiffany was too busy with her narcissistic ways to even notice the kidnapping.

Thea Hail has been a thorn in Raine's side since the latter's debut. Both superstars exchanged words until they finally got physical on the January 31 edition of WWE NXT. The Chase U star fended off Ava to let Duke Hudson and Andre Chase pick up a victory over The Dyad and the team of Malik Blade and Edris Enofé in the New Day Invitational bout.

Twitter has been the preferred tool for Raine to express herself. After kidnapping Thea Hail on NXT, she posted a tweet that saw hilarious reactions from the WWE Universe.

The Rock's daughter has improved her character work over the past few weeks. Playing the role of an enforcer has gained her widespread attention from fans, but she hasn't shown her in-ring abilities yet.

How did Twitter react to Ava Raine's kidnapping of Thea Hail on WWE NXT?

Ava Raine's attack and abduction of Thea Hail have become the source of hilarious responses from Twitterati.

Fans quickly connected it to WWE RAW star Dexter Lumis, who became known for his kidnapping crimes on NXT. Check out some of the tweets here:

At the end of the show, Thea Hail was returned to her Chase U partners, but she seemed somewhat changed. Her torso carried Schism's signature smileys, and her appearance looked as if she was forcefully adding a macabre touch.

Clearly, Thea has been subjected to some manipulation at the hands of The Schism. Fans must tune into NXT to find out how the angle turns out.

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