Who is Tom MacDonald? WWE and Paul Heyman connection disclosed

Tom MacDonald actively competed from 2003 to 2009

Paul Heyman has favored and advised a number of WWE superstars as well as talent outside the company, though not all of them have been incredibly successful.

A handful of wrestlers in the past have only dabbled in the industry for a short while before moving forward with things outside of wrestling. Heyman was recently seen in a photo with Tom MacDonald, who wrestled on the independent scene more than a decade ago.

In 2014, MacDonald initially attracted attention with his song "Dear Rappers." He continued to put out music that addressed subjects like politics, mental health, and addiction, and in the process, developed a devoted fanbase.

Before he was a rapper, Tom MacDonald wrestled for several Canadian promotions such as PWA and MPW, and appeared at events alongside WCW and WWE Superstars. He actively competed between the years 2003 and 2009.

MacDonald doesn't seem to have a connection to WWE outside of competing against former superstars on the indies, but has confirmed his relationship with The Bloodline's Wise Man, Paul Heyman.

MacDonald recently went on Facebook to post a photo that showed him and Heyman together. He replied to a comment regarding the mention of the Wise Man in his post.

"Paul one of the coolest dudes on the planet."

While it's unclear what his exact relationship with Heyman is, it's important to note that MacDonald competed several times for ECCW, a Canadian offshoot of infamous Philadelphia promotion ECW, which was run by The Wise Man.

Although his wrestling career is long over, MacDonald has been able to reach a large audience and amass passionate followers. His music continues to resonate with people around the world.

Paul Heyman becomes the target of an MMA legend

With Endeavor's recent decision to merge WWE and UFC, athletes from each respective company have begun to butt heads. Paul Heyman seems to be in a little bit of trouble after defending his Tribal Chief against a former UFC featherweight and lightweight double-champion.

Conor McGregor recently shared a photo of himself holding both the WWE and UFC Championship belts. Paul Heyman was not happy with the statement and immediately fired shots of his own at McGregor. He replied to the tweet and told the MMA fighter that he was just a Roman Reigns wannabe.

The flames continue to be fueled after another vicious comment made by McGregor, promising that he will suplex Heyman "on site." Conor McGregor even mentioned the upcoming SummerSlam event, causing an uproar of matchup rumors between him and Reigns.

It is unclear whether the recent social media jabs are hinting at an actual match or if Endeavor is integrating an interesting marketing ploy for their merger.

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