Why John Cena should win his 17th world title

John Cena must win the title once again.
John Cena must win the title once again.

John Cena is one of the greatest superstars to step foot in the squared circle. The 16-time world champion has turned his attention towards Hollywood but remains the most prominent name in the modern era.

However, it has been a topic of debate if the Leader of Cenation should win his 17th title as Cena is no longer active in the company.

Let us discuss here why John Cena should become a 17-time World Champion.

Why should Cena win his 17th World title?

Cena was the face of the company for an entire decade and carried the company during the transition from the Ruthless Aggression to PG Era. Ric Flair himself mentioned that if Cena broke his unbreakable record of 16 world titles, he would be overjoyed, applauding his efforts and character in the process.

Cena is an unselfish superstar who did not have any excessive winning runs and pushed other superstars that are still loved by the WWE Universe today. The most notable examples of the stars he put over are CM Punk, Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan .

He is a major star with a lot of draw power, and his presence on the show will almost certainly not hurt the numbers. The number of fans that Cena attracts to the wrestling brand when he returns cannot be matched by any other superstar. He still has the highest number of merchandise sales and is in extremely great shape.

Cena brings all of these factors to the table and is the perfect superstar to break the record for the most world titles won.

How does John Cena win the title?

WWE could do something similar to what they did in the early 2010s, where they had the Rock vs. Cena rivalry. But here, Cena will be playing The Rock's role and passing the baton to the next big guy (dog)...

Roman Reigns vs John Cena
Roman Reigns vs John Cena

Or maybe we can have Randy Orton vs. John Cena for the World Championship, both at 16 world title wins. Orton and Cena have given us tremendous matches in the past and this match would be the ultimate end of the rivalry between the two.

Orton vs Cena one last time for the world title.
Orton vs Cena one last time for the world title.

This match would be capable of being one of the greatest matches in the history of sports entertainment if done properly.

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