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Opinion: Why Sasha Banks will return at Money in the Bank 2019

Karan Bedi
Modified 20 Dec 2019, 22:51 IST

Did someone say The Boss?
Did someone say The Boss?

In case you're wondering, Sasha Banks has been in the news lately. In reality, it's starting to look like a case of 'Where's Waldo?' Some reports have listed her showing up in Austin, Texas. Some reports have even spotted her sporting a new look. It's almost as if Banks is actually becoming a bigger name once it was reported that she was unhappy with WWE management.

Sasha Banks is a talented performer. Her rivarly with Bayley in NXT was phenomenal but her time on the main roster has been less than fruitful. While she has been a four-time WWE Raw Women's Champion, each title reign was for a short period of time. She and Bayley won the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship but dropped the titles to The IIconics at WrestleMania 35.

According to Dave Meltzer, Sasha Banks was frustrated with the WWE for some time.

Whenever [Sasha Banks] wins a title they take it from her immediately, she never gets the long reign. Her and Bayley it was almost like when they created the tag team titles it was kinda like ‘we’ll give it to them because our top women are like Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, and Ronda. Really when Ronda came it was like Ronda’s division and then Becky got over and before then it was sorta like Sasha and Charlotte who were the stars and Charlotte stayed up there, but Sasha didn’t.

This actually harkens back to the idea that WWE are going to keep having problems like this with an evergrowing WWE roster. But in failure lies opportunity.

Why Sasha Banks will return and win the MITB Ladder Match

Assuming WWE and Sasha Banks can resolve their creative differences, she can actually be pushed in the right way. Bayley is now officially on SmackDown so it's most likely that Sasha Banks will remain on WWE Raw.

Picture this. Sasha Banks can do a CM Punk and actually relive the Summer of Punk but in the right way. Sasha Banks can be a surprise entrant in the Money In the Bank Ladder Match and win it. She cashes in on Becky Lynch the same night and takes the WWE Raw Women's Championship with her. But at the same time, her WWE contract can be brought up. And leads to a on-air tussle between her and management.

Vince McMahon may not say it publicly but he has invested too much time and effort in Sasha Banks. And if one were to go by the Eric Bischoff standard 'Controvery Creates Cash', The Legit Boss can become a bigger star than The Man.

The WWE Universe needs Sasha Banks. She's the one they deserve to take the company forward in the years to come. And to be selfish for a moment, the WWE fans want The Four Horsewomen to come to fruition at Survivor Series in 2019. Will it happen? Only time will tell.

Published 30 Apr 2019, 07:16 IST
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