Why did WWE scrap plans of reuniting popular faction after teasing it? Possible reasons explored

A reunion two years in the making allegedly got cancelled
A reunion two years in the making allegedly got cancelled

It's no secret that Triple H adores the idea of factions in WWE. An iconic member of the D-Generation X himself, groups assist his need for long-term storylines and facilitate weekly action. The Bloodline is the best example, as it has run roughshod on SmackDown for almost three years now.

Another popular heel stable, a memory of the Thunderdome Era, was rumored to reunite soon. The Hurt Business disbanded in March 2021, but multiple backstage segments from last year teased a reformation. MVP's latest social media post fueled the speculations as well. Despite the drama surrounding the reunion, WWE has reportedly canceled their plans for another The Hurt Business run.

Wrestling fans have been left disappointed by the latest news. However, there are some logical reasons behind the fabled faction not getting a go. One of them is that there won't be any championship programs to hold their story together like back in the day. A group that once held three major titles at the same time would not be able to get such chances in this era.

Bobby Lashley is rumored to go up against Roman Reigns, but the latter is not dropping the Undisputed Title anytime soon. Meanwhile, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn are newly-established champions. Even if The Hurt Business reunited at this time, they would probably be devoid of gold, and it wouldn't have been ideal for their prestige.

While The Bloodline and The Judgment Day have unique characters and traits, WWE never really explored the characters of The Hurt Business in depth. Bobby Lashley played a typical leader who berated his members for their shortcomings. Generating a gradual character development story would've required time and creative skill, and it ran the risk of fans losing interest at some point, similar to Bray Wyatt's ongoing angle.

As per their popularity, Bobby Lashley and his crew were most likely to be babyfaces. It would've struggled at a time when heel factions are given impetus. As such, WWE decided to play it safe.

A Hurt Business reunion in WWE is impossible at the moment

Keep aside the latest report, the writing was already on the wall for the cancellation of The Hurt Business reunion. Bobby Lashley was transferred to SmackDown, while Apollo Crews and Shelton Benjamin became free agents. The 'free agent' tag is usually assigned when WWE lacks plans for the stars and incorporates them in random feuds on any brand.

The last few months have also told a different tale. While Lashley is on a dominant run, Benjamin and Crews are on a streak of losses. Their squash on the latest RAW against Indus Sher means the former tag team champions will stick to working with up-and-comers for the time being.

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