5 Signs Roman Reigns won't lose the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship until 2025

A bunch of factors may keep Roman Reigns
A bunch of factors may keep Roman Reigns' Undisputed WWE Universal Title reign intact

Roman Reigns needs to continue his dominance till September 2024 to surpass Hulk Hogan's WWE Championship record of 1474 days. Judging by current events, he may break the decades-long record and remain champion sometime after.

The Tribal Chief won the Universal Championship at Payback 2020 and the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 38. Even though he unified the world titles, he retained the lineage of the Universal Title. This was the first hint of the historic run that was about to follow.

There is no stopping Roman Reigns' undisputed reign from crossing 1000 days at Night of Champions. In this list, we will delve deeper into some indicators why he should hold the world titles until 2025.

#5. Roman Reigns is money

The most obvious point is that Roman Reigns overtook John Cena as the highest merchandise seller in 2021. His position in the top sellers hasn't fluctuated since then, and it is one of the reasons why WWE continues to promote him as the centerpiece of the company.

The Head of the Table is also an experienced main eventer. When promoting the Big Four events, WWE uses its poster boys to earn huge numbers. Cody Rhodes gave him tough competition, but he is still in the development phase of a massive push to the top card. Meanwhile, Bray Wyatt has disappeared, and so has his standing with most fans.

#4. The introduction of the World Heavyweight Championship

The Big Gold Belt was unveiled on April 24, 2023
The Big Gold Belt was unveiled on April 24, 2023

Many were annoyed by the results of WrestleMania. Cody Rhodes was believed to be the chosen one to defeat Reigns and refuel the competition in the main roster. Also, RAW has been devoid of a world champion for a long time.

Triple H solved this problem by introducing the World Heavyweight Championship. The focus has shifted to the new title, which will be exclusive to the red brand, so Roman won't need to drop a championship for the roster's sake.

The inaugural World Heavyweight Champion will likely need to defend the title almost every month, unlike Roman Reigns, who has run out of legitimate challengers. This means WWE will have a main-eventer reserved in cases when The Tribal Chief won't compete.

#3. An extended period of no defenses due to the tag team situation

Night of Champions will be the second consecutive premium live event at which The Tribal Chief won't put his Undisputed Titles on the line. Recent reports also mentioned that Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa would face their Bloodline cousins in the summer.

The Big Uce's entry into the tag team division could mean a series of such matches will make up most of his future. This has been further hinted by the emphasis on the potential split of The Bloodline rather than his next big opponent. Thus, WWE may use this tactic to add more days to Roman's title reign till 2025.

Roman Reigns will eventually meet some hurdles in his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship reign, but it will be few compared to his achievements from 2020 to 2021.

#2. WWE wants to rewrite the history books

Since Triple H has taken over the reins of the sports entertainment giant, several sponsorship and ticket sales records have been broken. Those aren't the only records he is keen on changing.

It is believed that WWE wants champions like Gunther and Roman Reigns to displace prominent names in the history books. After all, there may not be a better time to lift modern-day stars to legendary status. Most of the records have been untouched for years.

Hulk Hogan is the third-longest reigning WWE Champion in history. If WWE somehow manages to generate interest in Reigns' storyline till September 2024, there is a good chance they may continue to back him to break Bob Backlund's record (2135 days with the WWWF Title). It seems a herculean task, though.

#1. Roman Reigns vs. The Rock is rumored for WrestleMania 40

Who is the real Head of the Table?
Who is the real Head of the Table?

A dream showdown that has been hyped for almost two years could happen in April 2024. Even though The Rock failed to show up this year, reports indicate that the door is open for him to have a match with The Tribal Chief next year.

If The Brahma Bull takes time out of his Hollywood schedule, his match will likely be at The Show of Shows. This may momentarily halt Cody Rhodes' redemption journey, but he could still be able to end his story. In a potential match, The Rock is bound to put over his Bloodline cousin as he is the present and the future of the WWE business.

By the time WrestleMania 40 rolls out, Roman Reigns will complete 1300+ days as Universal Champion. He will be much closer to Hulk Hogan's title record, and WWE shall most likely be interested in rewriting history at that time.

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