WrestleMania 35: 6 Matches that can possibly take place at the show

MetLife Stadium will host the 35th edition of WrestleMania in 2019
MetLife Stadium will host the 35th edition of WrestleMania in 2019

WrestleMania: An event that was initially pencilled to counter Starrcade, the flagship event of WCW, WWE’s biggest rival promotion then, has successfully turned out into one of the most viewed sports events in the world. The PPV is the flagship event of the world’s most successful sports entertainment company and its 35th edition is set to take place on 7 April 2019 from the MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

WrestleMania is also referred to as the ‘Showcase of Immortals’, as the company puts all its efforts in to pit the world’s best wrestlers against each other. To make the event more special, performances by various bands and singing groups have been incorporated, along with the presence of huge celebrities. WWE even likes to call upon its ‘part-timers’ for the biggest event in the history of Sports Entertainment. WrestleMania defines WWE. With the start of the WrestleMania season, there is a significant rise in the number of subscriptions for the WWE Network. A good WrestleMania usually means a good year for the company, so WWE never hesitate to pull out all the stops for making the event more successful than its previous editions. However, due to a large amount of money coming in from the 10-Year Saudi Arabia deal, WWE has started to shift its focus from WrestleMania to the glorified house shows(for example, the rumour of Shawn Michaels coming out of retirement at the Crown Jewel event, instead of Mania). Even then, WrestleMania is the one considered to be the ‘Biggest stage of them all’ due to the prestigious matches that took place at the PPV. So, here’s a look at some matches that could possibly take place at the 35th edition of the ‘Granddaddy of them all’:

Note – This is a fantasy booking, but rather a one which has some logic and relevance to the current storylines. I am not predicting the entire card, but only some matches which seem possible to me and which would be ‘best for business’.

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1) The Miz (c) v/s Daniel Bryan – One on one match for the WWE Championship

This feud deserves a WWE Title match at Mania

WWE has been playing this storyline well. An upset victory of Miz over Bryan was a nice way to continue the feud forward. With Miz and Maryse winning the Mixed Tag Match at Hell in a Cell 2018, ‘The A-Lister’ is currently 2-0 up against Daniel Bryan. This has been a long rivalry in the making and culminating it on the Biggest Stage of them All is the best possible thing that WWE can do. I do wish that Samoa Joe wins the WWE Championship at Super Show Down, I’m going against it, due to the company’s policy of protecting its ‘2K19’ cover star. (No offence to Styles, though)

In order to have the above match placed at WrestleMania; Styles will retain his title against Samoa Joe at the Super Show Down and possibly at the Crown Jewel event too. The Miz would defeat Bryan AGAIN at the Super Show Down PPV, going 3-0 over the flying GOAT and becoming the new No. 1 contender for the WWE Championship. At the TLC PPV, we can expect a frustrated Joe interfering in the TLC match for the coveted title, allowing Miz to climb up the ladder and win the WWE Title. He would then go on bragging about dethroning Styles and defeating Daniel multiple times. The coming months would see Bryan trying extremely hard to win the Rumble, but failing to do so (The reason for this is given in the next slide). But, much to the happiness of the fans, Daniel will win the Elimination Chamber, booking a match against ‘The A-Lister’ at WrestleMania. These two have incredible chemistry together and a solid 20-30 minute match between both men, followed by another underdog title victory for Daniel Bryan would be the perfect conclusion to this rivalry.

Winner and NEW WWE Champion: Daniel Bryan

2) Roman Reigns (c) v/s Seth Rollins v/s Dean Ambrose – Triple Threat Match for the Universal Championship

This match needs to happen at 'The Biggest stage of them all'

Roman Reigns is not going to lose his Universal Title anytime soon; and in the words of Paul Heyman, ‘This is not a prediction, but a SPOILER.’ The SHIELD stable has transformed into a legendary one, with each of its members being former World Champions. If this match does take place, it would be the first time fans will be happy with Reigns main-eventing a Mania, even though this would be his 5th one in a row. As far as booking this match is concerned, the story kind of actually builds itself. ‘The Big Dog’ is able to defend his title successfully at the Crown Jewel PPV, or any event before WrestleMania for that matter. We can see Dean Ambrose turning heel, leading to a SHIELD implosion and the start of an excellent feud between Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose.

Ambrose defeats Rollins clean for the Intercontinental Championship at a TLC and even in his contractual rematch. Dean then loses the title in his very first PPV defense against Kevin Owens at the Royal Rumble PPV, thanks to a distraction by Rollins. We then see both ‘The Architect’ and ‘The Lunatic Fringe’ entering the Royal Rumble and eliminating everyone, including Daniel Bryan. These two will be the last men, and after a solid exchange of moves between both, this would end in a tie, leading to both men getting a shot at the Universal Championship. The dynamics have been set up perfectly, with a pure face in Rollins, a pure heel in Ambrose and a tweener champion in Reigns, a solid 45-minute battle ending with a new champion will surely mesmerize the WWE Universe.

Following his defeat, Roman Reigns can be sent to the Blue brand, prior to the show moving to the FOX network. There have been rumours about The Rock v/s Roman Reigns main eventing WrestleMania for the title, but everyone will agree that both Rollins and Ambrose deserve to headline at least a single mania. Many fans, including me, would like Ambrose to win the title here, but I will go against it and make Rollins the Universal Champion here. (Reason mentioned in an upcoming slide)

Winner and NEW Universal Champion: Seth Rollins

3) Kevin Owens (c) v/s Finn Balor ‘The Demon King’ – One on one match for the Intercontinental Championship

These two can surely tear the house down at WrestleMania

Well, this should happen. Both of these men have not been utilized properly in recent times. Kevin Owens has been used as a joke lately; and Balor’s feud with the current acting general manager, Baron Corbin is one the fans would like to forget. 2018 has seen a steep decline in the relevance of the 2 former universal champions and a superb match for the IC title is just what is required to get the two former NXT Champions back as main-eventers. As discussed in the previous slide, ‘The Prizefighter’ will win the Intercontinental Title from Dean Ambrose at the Royal Rumble Pay Per View. Following his victory, we can have a multi-man match at either Elimination Chamber or Fastlane to determine a new No. 1 Contender for the IC Title. We can even have Finn evoking his alter ego, 'The Demon King' at Fastlane, much to the pleasure of the fans.

Enter captio
'The Demon King' persona is still undefeated in the WWE Main Roster

Making ‘The Demon King’ win the match will see a renewal of the awesome rivalry that took place between these two men. Building this feud up around the history of their brawls in NXT would surely lead to some great promos. A solid 20-30 minute match followed by a second main roster title victory for ‘The Demon King’ will surely please the fans. We can have Balor switch brands, bringing the IC Title to SmackDown Live too. Matchups like Jeff Hardy v/s Finn Balor and AJ Styles v/s Finn Balor would surely elevate the prestige of the IC Title.

Winner and NEW IC Champion: Finn Balor ‘The Demon King’

4) Rey Mysterio (c) v/s Shinsuke Nakamura v/s Samoa Joe v/s Kofi Kingston v/s Shelton Benjamin v/s Tye Dillinger v/s Aiden English – 7 Men Ladder match for the United States Championship

This could certainly make the US Title relevant again
This could certainly make the US Title relevant again

Yes, I know that Shinsuke Nakamura is still the US Champ, but with SmackDown Live 1000 set to take place soon, we can have a returning Mysterio win the title from Nakamura. The following PPVs can have Mysterio defending the title against some wrestlers like R-Truth, Aiden English, etc. We can even have a Rollins v/s Mysterio match at Survivor Series and a dream match in Rey Mysterio v/s AJ Styles at Fastlane, which Styles will lose (check the next slide for further info.) In the following weeks, we can have Mysterio declaring that he’s ready to face anyone at the Grandest Stage of them all, followed by a brutal attack by all the other 7 men mentioned in the match. We can then have Mysterio demand a match against all of them, with the General Manager Paige making it official, adding a ladder match stipulation to it. Kofi, Mysterio and Shelton are involved in this match as they have the potential of pulling some great spots off the ladder. Shinsuke can demand his contractual rematch here, adding him to the match. Tye and Aiden would be added to the match, so as to give them something useful to participate in at WrestleMania.

One then wonders, why Samoa Joe has been added to this matchup. It is because he’s going to be the one who wins it. As I already mentioned in the WWE Title build up, Joe will not be able to defeat Styles for the title and would cost ‘The Phenomenal One” his WWE Title, setting up a match between the two for Royal Rumble. Joe will win that match and would then go on to become the next US Champion. With Balor coming to SmackDown, we can certainly see Joe moving with the US Title onto Raw and defeating Seth Rollins in a ‘Title v/s Title, winner takes all’ match to get his first Universal Championship reign. This would surely provide very interesting programs on the red brand following Mania.

Winner and the NEW United States Champion: Samoa Joe

5) Marquee Match – AJ Styles v/s Randy Orton

Enter captio
'The Apex Predator' v/s 'The Phenomenal One'

In the build-up to the US Title match, I mentioned that Joe was able to defeat Styles at the Royal Rumble, but that was only with some outside help. In a match in which Styles was having the upper hand, an RKO outta nowhere was easily able to turn the tables, allowing Joe to lock in his Coquina Clutch and win the match. The following weeks would have seen Randy revealing Styles as his new victim, with not only harming Styles and costing him his matchups but also doing the same to the Good Brothers, who are associated to Styles. He will even cost Styles a shot at the US Title at Fastlane, increasing the intensity of their feud.

These two have collided only once on a SmackDown live episode before WrestleMania 33. Orton was a face back then, while Styles was the heel. With the roles switched now, this would surely refresh the feud between the two men. If their initial encounter is anything to go by, we can have a serious match of the night contender in this match. A Hell in a Cell, No DQ or a Last Man Standing stipulation would only make the match better. These two have solid in-ring chemistry, and an excellent 20-minute match between the two with Styles coming out on the top would be the perfect way to end this match. The following weeks can see Orton making a switch to the red brand, while Styles will continue to wrestle in ‘The House that AJ Styles built.’

This is a match of the night contender for WrestleMania 35 if it happens

Winner – AJ Styles

6) Marquee Match – Braun Strowman v/s John Cena

"The Franchise Player" v/s "The Monster Among Men"

I would have loved to see Braun entering Mania as the champion, but it certainly is not going to be possible. The best way to protect “The Monster among Men” would be for Reigns to pin Lesnar at the Crown Jewel event. The following weeks can see Strowman unleashing hell on Lesnar for costing him the title. A successful victory at Royal Rumble against ‘The Beast Incarnate’ would surely set up Braun as the dominant monster of the company. He would then enter the Royal Rumble and wreak havoc, only to be eliminated by a 4 man team of Daniel Bryan, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and ‘The Face that Runs the place’, John Cena. This would lead to a few heated segments between the two. At Elimination Chamber, both Strowman and Cena, focused in their conquest to become the no. 1 contender will clash again, with Cena being able to pin Strowman with the help of all the other men involved. Frustrated, Strowman will then start monster handling Cena, setting up a match between the two. It can even have a ‘winner gets a future title opportunity’ stipulation.

Cena has been a babyface all through these years, while the recent heel turn by Strowman will help in setting the heel/face dynamic of this match. This match has a lot of potentials; and with Cena putting over superstars in this part of his WWE career, a clean win for Strowman over ‘The Franchise Player’ will surely be beneficial to him. He can then move to the blue brand and challenge Daniel for the WWE Title in a classic ‘Monster v/s Underdog’ storyline.

A clean victory over 'Big Match John' would surely benefit Braun Strowman

Winner: Braun Strowman

Would you like to see these matchups at WrestleMania? Which other matches would you like to see? Do drop your valuable opinion in the comments section. :)

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