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WWE: 4 Stables That Should Not Have Separated

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These factions were a hit and separating them didn't go very well
These factions were a hit and separating them didn't go very well

Every now and then, WWE introduces a new faction to the roster. Sometimes these groups grasp the WWE Universe's interest while other times they just disappear all of a sudden. In a time when a heroic man or woman takes the centre stage, it is difficult for a group to claim the spotlight.

With all that said, factions are an interesting part of WWE's heritage. Great superstars have collaborated to make a stable. These teams, as we shall call them, have had the opportunity to enthral the WWE Universe.

Talking about stables and factions, what really makes a group great is their chemistry. Their chemistry among themselves and their chemistry with the WWE Universe. With all that said, there is one more thing pretty common amongst factions and that is breakups. Teammates turning against each other is a common notion in the WWE and the fans aren't falling sick of this kind of storyline any time soon.

Here we list down 4 popular factions that shouldn't have disbanded/separated:

#4 The Spirit Squad

The Spirit Squad feuded with DX
The Spirit Squad feuded with DX

Kenny, Mikey, Johnny, Mitch and Nicky, 5 men who were together known as the spirit squad. The stable debuted on Raw in 2006 and looked like the real deal courtesy of the physical specimen of the entire cast. The squad was heavily involved in Vince McMahon's feud with DX and thus began The Spirit Squad's journey in the WWE. The 5 men combined well and were often booked in handicap matches against the like of D-Generation X.

Looking at their progress, good things were expected of the group but their sudden separation wasn't really a piece of good news. While the 5 of them together had good backing from the WWE Universe, the same didn't happen once they separated.

Kenny, the physically imposing one went on to feud with the 16-time world champion, Ric Flair but didn't really earn the support of the fans. With all that being said, all members have now parted their ways with the company but one. One man who was back then known as Nicky and who now wrestles under the name of Dolph Ziggler remains the only man from the stable still associated with the company. Though Dolph has had a successful singles career, things didn't turn out to be great for his other team members.

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