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5 Amazing crowd reactions when a Diva appeared

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The WWE Divas

How does it feel when something unexpected happens when you are least expecting it? Imagine something unexpected happening in a packed arena of 20,000 WWE fans! If that something was a shocking return or a long awaited comeback or a surprise debut, that would be incredible. Add to it, if that someone was an adorable Diva, Yikes! You would go absolutely crazy.

Over the course of WWE history, there are several Diva moments that drove the WWE Universe mad. This slideshow covers 5 such Diva moments when the Divas received amazing crowd responses. Have a look at them:

Trish Stratus returns for one night only:

One of the most successful divas

This happened on the December 22nd episode of RAW in the year 2008. This was the last RAW before Christmas. So, Monday night RAW was in a festive mood. The then World Heavyweight Champion, John Cena said that he got a Christmas wish from Santa and announced that it was a tag team partner.

Everyone was looking at the titantron and then you have the husky Trish Stratus smile. There she is! Trish Stratus shows up and the roar of the crowd was amazing. She teamed up with Cena to fight Beth Phoenix and Santino. In a match that lasted for less than 2 minutes, Trish and Cena won the match in great style.

AJ returns to save Paige:

The crazy one has her die-hard fans

This happened on the March 2nd episode of RAW 2015. Back then, AJ Lee had been out of action for a few months. On that episode of RAW, a match for the Divas Championship was announced between Nikki Bella(c) and Paige. The match was very impressive and when Paige was about to close in on a victory, Brie interrupted the match and saved Nikki’s title.

The Bella Twins then launched an attack on Paige. Everybody was anticipating the return of AJ and they start the AJ chants. A few seconds later, AJ’s music hit and the crowd went absolutely crazy. Later, AJ and Paige worked together and threw the Bellas out of the ring. That was one of the best roars from the WWE universe for a Diva in recent memory.

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