WWE Money in the Bank 2016: 5 best high risk moves at MITB

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Reshma Ramachandran

From the moment Chris Jericho introduced the idea of a Money in the Bank (MITB) ladder match to the WWE audience, not many could have imagined that the idea will thrive for the next 11 years and become the new stepping stone for younger/ new talent- something that the Intercontinental title did a long time ago. It has been successful precisely for all the moments that being in a ladder match entails – different characters, different styles of wrestling, interwoven stories, and the high spots. Hell yeah, the high spots!

Winning the MITB ladder match guarantees the winner an opportunity to cash-in at the time of his choosing by targeting the man who holds the highest prize in wrestling- which is now known as the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Here are the best 5 high-risk maneuvers from this gimmick match

#1The Ladder Run


Arguably, one of the most iconic moves in the history of this match precisely because of how innovative it was. Firstly, spoiler alert! Shelton Benjamin has been featured once more in this list. This man has always brought his ‘A‘ game to this match over the years, in its entire storied history, whenever he’s participated.

This was the first MITB ladder match at WrestleMania 21 and it needed something extraordinary and spectacular to remember it by, and Benjamin gave us that moment .

Jericho was inches away from getting that briefcase until Benjamin appeared on-frame and galloped on the ladder to clothesline Jericho.

#2 Brotherly Love


As mentioned before what MITB is also known for is continuing interwoven stories.

In 2015, it was all about the burgeoning rivalry between Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose- brothers from The Shield. Ambrose had much ammunition to let out and while both of them went through their own hell, no move was as ecstatic and as extreme as when Ambrose put Rollins through a suplex from atop the ladder, hurting himself in the process as well, twisting his entire body while Rollins sold the heck out of it.

A moment you may find yourself replaying again and again and again.

#3 Air Bourne


Evan Bourne had one of the most beautiful finishing moves ever, and he performed it beautifully. To emphasize its beauty, which only John Keats can do justice to, let’s go back to 2011- the year we saw the rise of the ‘Summer of Punk’.

At one point in the match, Evan Bourne had most of the participants in front of him, on the floor at ringside and a giant ladder right beside the plethora of tired bodies. The best thing he could think of to the delight of the audience was performing the Air Bourne from atop the ladder and it was all too glorious to watch.



Here we are and here is Shelton Benjamin. The man was to Money In The Bank what Kofi Kingston has been to the Royal Rumble. Just like Kingston, he gets the crowd going with many innovative moves but never ever wins the whole deal.

This time, Benjamin was close to winning the contract until he was pushed off from the ladder onto a ladder at ringside and he did not just simply fall into its welcoming arms. No, Benjamin instead fell off with much flair turning it into a swanton and lay motionless after hitting the ladder outside.

#5 Yep, it’s Jeff Hardy


No list based on ladder moments is complete without Jeff Hardy. Absolutely nothing.

The guy has made a career out of doing the unthinkable and the unbelievable. When he jumped off the ladder onto Edge, it wasn’t the most innovative of moves and it wasn’t even unbelievable that he would go ahead and do it and Edge will be right there to take it. But the impact never gets old.

The impact of him being on top of the world and flying for a brief moment and then that thump with which destruction presents itself- it’s all enough to get the crowd wild.

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