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5 Best moments from Seth Rollins' Heel run

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WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins- Long Live The Heel

Towards the end of next month, we will complete an entire year of witnessing Seth Rollins’ heel run. It was on a fateful night in June last year that Triple H executed his Plan B. Rollins went on to slam a chair onto his brothers and through our hearts. The voice of that one fan’s ‘NOOOOOOO’ still echoes.

Yet, the past one year has been a breakthrough for Seth Rollins as a singles performer. He won Money In The Bank, main evented a lot of PPVs for someone as young as him and won the WWE World Heavyweight Champion in a stellar moment at Wrestlemania.

Here are the five best moments from his heel run

5) He bought in

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The Evolution of Seth Rollins

A week after he executed one of the most shocking moments in WWE history, he walked towards the ring all clad in a suit, proudly walking next to Triple H. It was the day that demanded an explanation. A proper explanation.

He said everything that was expected off him. He countered the ‘You Sold Out’ chants by simply saying that he bought into the evolution of Seth Rollins. He expounded upon why he was called the ‘Architect of The Shield’. He believed that it was him who held the group together and why he was the reason behind its superiority. That was when the arrogant heel came out. And he was saying all this under the watchful glance of Triple H- The Game. That’s when you looked at Rollins and saw a spoilt little brat. 

This promo did well to lay the foundation of a thriving heel run.  

4) ‘Never my brother’

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Brothers no more

The best thing that happened to establish Rollins as a premier heel in the company was his feud with Dean Ambrose. This was the most consistently best thing going on in the company then and Ambrose was thriving as the brother who wanted to avenge the person who broke his trust. One major thing that worked was both of their performances during promos and matches.


One particular segment stands out. It was when Rollins spoke about the Lumberjack match at Summerslam, a stipulation chosen by Ambrose. Rollins discarded Ambrose as a lunatic, a crazy presence.

“I am the future of this company, and I am better than you. I am better than some lunatic fringe who doesn't give a damn about his physical well-being.”

He went on to reiterate that the future lies in his hands. All the while Ambrose was just laughing away as if nothing Rollins said really mattered. 

“I am better than some bipolar nutjob who should be locked away. I am better than some hellcat with rabies....”

But then something struck a chord. Something made things go all awry.

“I am better than some hellcat with rabies who was never my friend, who was never my brother, and who I never gave a damn about in the first place."

Rollins said that as crystal clear as he could.

What better way to inflict pain than through the heart.

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