WWE: 5 things you may not know about The Great Khali

The Great Khali is a WWE Hall of Famer
The Great Khali is a WWE Hall of Famer

One of the biggest men to ever step foot in a WWE ring, The Great Khali towered over his opponents and dominated his competition. Khali has faced some all-time greats like John Cena, The Undertaker, Batista, and Triple H.

The former World Heavyweight Champion was inducted into the prestigious Hall of Fame Class of 2021 to honor his legacy. While he may have his fair share of detractors, Khali has left an indelible footprint in professional wrestling.

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The Punjabi Playboy turned 50 today, and in celebration of his birthday, we'll honor him by looking at 5 things you may not know about The Great Khali.

#5. Ricardo Rodriguez revealed that The Great Khali ate for free in Punjab


Some fans might recall Ricardo Rodriguez, the special ring announcer for former WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio. Rodriguez is close friends with The Great Khali, and he opened up about his relationship with the big man during an exclusive interview with Sportskeeda.

Rodriguez spent some time with Khali in Punjab and recalled that the WWE legend never paid to eat at a restaurant. Most of the time, the restaurant owners just wanted a picture with the Punjabi Playboy, a mega-star in India.

#4. Hornswoggle bullied The Great Khali in the locker room

The Great Khali (L), Hornswoggle (M), Natalya (R)
The Great Khali (L), Hornswoggle (M), Natalya (R)

The group of Khali and Hornswoggle, along with Natalya, was an interesting one which made both men relevant. The Punjabi Playboy was one of the tallest superstars, and Swoggle the shortest one. Pairing them together created a nice contrast that was entertaining for the WWE Universe.

Backstage, the two tag-team partners shared a unique relationship. Hornswoggle revealed on the Such Good Shoot podcast that he legitimately bullied Khali, claiming to have made it his mission. Considering the sheer difference in size, this is a shocking revelation.

#3. The Great Khali served in the police force

Before embarking on a career in professional wrestling in 2000, Khali was a police officer in Punjab, where he served as an Assistant Sub-Inspector. It was a job befitting of a man that stood over seven feet tall and weighed nearly 400 pounds.

Then known by his real name, Dalip Singh Rana, he always had a passion for wrestling even while he was a police officer. Khali trained in local gyms and eventually got selected for specialized wrestling training in the United States, where he became a professional wrestler.

#2. The Great Khali owns his own wrestling school in Punjab

Khali may be the most revered local professional wrestler in India due to the popularity he gained over his WWE career. Committed to giving back to his nation and the wrestling business, the former World Heavyweight Champion opened up his own wrestling school in February 2015, Continental Wrestling Entertainment.

Ricardo Rodriguez helped him set up the school in Jalandhar, Punjab. It seems as if the Punjabi Playboy is looking to raise a new generation of wrestlers who may one day reach great heights.

#1. The Great Khali accidentally killed another wrestler during a match

The Great Khali had an intimidating presence.
The Great Khali had an intimidating presence.

No WWE Superstar has had an entirely smooth journey in their professional wrestling career, and Khali suffered a major setback when he accidentally killed another star during an ongoing match in 2001.

Brian Ong was reportedly killed after receiving a Flapjack from Khali. The star died of a concussion, but the blame fell on the promotion, All Pro Wrestling. The deceased star's family sued APW.

Inadvertently causing another man's death has to be a major low in the Punjabi Playboy's career. However, it didn't impact his career that much because it was a freak accident.

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