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Best and Worst of SmackDown Live 13th September, 2016

Smackdown Live delivered an entertaining, but not exceptional show.

After a fun Raw, Smackdown Live kicked back with an entertaining show

Smackdown Live, on the heels of what was an excellent Backlash show, came to us from the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, PA. The crowd was wild and smarky throughout, and the show moved along at a great pace. While it wasn’t extraordinary show, it did not drag like Raw did last night.

And while the main event wasn’t nearly as good as Roman Reigns vs Kevin Owens from Monday Night Raw, we felt that Smackdown was easier to watch and digest than the Red brand. So let’s analyse what worked and what didn’t on this week’s extraordinary episode. 

THE GOOD: There were definitely some memorable segments during the show. 

1: The return of John Cena 

The face that runs the place returned to confront the champ that runs the camp

A,J. Styles came out as champion for the first time, and would not stop gloating. But just then, the music would hit and John Cena would arrive on Smackdown Live again. There’s something about the AJ-Cena dynamic that spells magic. Throw in Ambrose into the mix and it’s the perfect recipe for an entertaining feud.

A huge triple threat match has been booked for No Mercy, and we cannot wait for the confrontation. 

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