WWE Clash at the Castle: 5 Reasons why Solo Sikoa appeared to align with Roman Reigns - New Bloodline member, forced booking

How will WWE use Solo Sikoa on the main roster?
How will WWE use Solo Sikoa on the main roster?

Solo Sikoa made his long overdue main roster debut this weekend at Clash at the Castle when he interfered in the show's main event.

Sikoa helped his cousin Roman Reigns defeat Drew McIntyre on his own turf, which meant that The Tribal Chief walked out of the United Kingdom with his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.

It's unclear why Solo Sikoa chose Cardiff, Wales, as the perfect spot to make his debut, but here are just five potential reasons behind the decision for his appearance at Clash at the Castle.

#5. WWE wanted to end Clash at the Castle with a swerve

Heading into Clash at the Castle, there were numerous rumors regarding the finish of the main event. There was Roman Reigns losing, Bray Wyatt making his return, Tyson Fury costing Drew McIntyre the win, and even Karrion Kross interfering.

The rumors reached the point where the plans that WWE had were probably not going to be enough, so the company knew that they had to end on a swerve. Sikoa was a genuine surprise to many, and several fans had no idea who he was, which allowed Reigns to get the win and head to the back. Upon his exit, McIntyre was left to soak in the energy of his hometown crowd for the first time.

#4. Sikoa is going to replace Sami Zayn in The Bloodline

Will The Bloodline be able to move forward as a five-man team? It is questionable, and it could be argued that Sami Zayn may have become too comfortable in the family business. Zayn's storyline has been one of the best on SmackDown as he has looked to be recruited by The Tribal Chief. Meanwhile, it would be a fantastic swerve if Sikoa now comes in and takes his place in the faction.

Reigns could make the point that Sikoa was there when none of the other members of The Bloodline were and that he has proved himself. This angle could lead to a feud between the star and Zayn, who already has heat with Jey Uso.

#3. Sikoa is going to be the man to bring down The Bloodline

While most of the WWE Universe now believes that Roman Reigns has found a way to bring all of The Usos into the family business, this may not be the case. After weeks of beatdowns, Reigns had to convince Jey Uso to join him, and Jimmy Uso later followed suit.

Sikoa has watched Reigns' treatment of his brothers for almost two years and could have now decided it's time for someone to take down The Tribal Chief from the inside. To do that, Sikoa needed to earn his trust by being the only family member to come to his aid this weekend and then slowly turn everyone against him.

#2. Sikoa was the only option since The Usos didn't travel to the United Kingdom

It's @WWESoloSIkoa!!!#WWECastle

Roman Reigns made the trip to the United Kingdom for Clash at the Castle on his own since The Usos, Sami Zayn, and Paul Heyman all remained across the pond. It's unclear why this decision was made, but it meant that Reigns had no backup in the main event full of interference.

Solo Sikoa could have been WWE's only option at this point since they needed interference so that McIntyre didn't lose clean in his home country. The former NXT Superstar is one of the men that Triple H wanted on the main roster, and since Reigns isn't set to be part of Extreme Rules, Clash at the Castle was the only place where his debut would have had an impact.

#1. Solo Sikoa's Clash at the Castle debut is so he can join his brothers in The Bloodline

The most obvious reason for Sikoa's abrupt debut at Clash at the Castle is that he is set to join The Bloodline alongside his two brothers, Jimmy and Jey. Clearly, he will need a name change which could come on SmackDown this week. The upstart can then show the WWE Universe that Reigns has control of his whole family.

Sikoa proved that he has some fantastic traits while working down in NXT, and given that there is one more championship on SmackDown that a member of Reigns' family doesn't hold, this could be his mission. The Bloodline could be looking to end the year with all of the male championships on the blue brand, meaning that Sikoa will have to target Gunther to be accepted by The Tribal Chief.

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