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WWE Clash of Champions 2016: Analysing and grading each match

Where was Triple H?

Did Clash of Champions live up to the hype?

While WWE Clash of Champions provided us with awesome in-ring performances, the lack of solid finishes to stories that needed progression led to a B show feeling. Rather than changing the landscape of the show like Smackdown Live did at Backlash, Raw remained the same. Cesaro and Sheamus’ Best of Seven Series finale was ruined by an odd finish. New Day remained champions, despite a title change feeling essential. Jericho’s involvement in the main event left Triple H’s part of the story empty once again.

But, despite these lacklustre finishes, the in-ring action was splendid, as the Cruiserweights, Cesaro and Sheamus, Owens and Rollins, and the women all delivered inside the squared circle. A good show that could have been great had it consisted of definitive results, let’s Analyse and Grade Each Match from WWE Clash of Champions.

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