WWE Crown Jewel Results: Paul Heyman interferes in title match; Goldberg delivers on his promise

Crown Jewel had a lot of memorable moments for WWE
Crown Jewel had a lot of memorable moments for WWE

WWE Crown Jewel kicked off in Riyad, Saudi Arabia, with a pre-show that saw The Usos defeat the Hurt Business, although Roman Reigns and Bobby Lashley were nowhere to be seen. The main card kicked off with a Hell in a Cell match between Seth Rollins and Edge.

A sign of things to come for #TheBloodline?The @WWEUsos take down The #HurtBusiness on the #WWECrownJewel Kickoff!

Seth Rollins vs. Edge - Hell in a Cell match at WWE Crown Jewel

Edge charged at Rollins as the bell rang for the Crown Jewel match and sent him into the corner before Rollins fired back with some strikes. Edge dropped Rollins on the ropes but took a springboard knee off the apron.

Rollins hit a dive but Edge sidestepped, sending Seth into the cell wall. Back in the ring, Edge hit the Edgecution before breaking the spike off the steel chair and locking in the Crossface with it.

Rollins broke free and tried to stab Edge with the metal spike from the chair but the Hall of Famer managed to get away. Edge sent Rollins into the cell wall again with a baseball slide before Rollins took him down in the ring and brought two chairs in.

Rollins was looking for a con-chair-to but Edge recovered and locked in a crossface at Crown Jewel. Rollins reached for the metal spike from earlier and stabbed Edge in the eye with it to get out of the hold.

Rollins hit a frogsplash for a near fall before he hit the Unprettier for another pin attempt. Rollins went up top again but Edge pushed him off and Seth fell down into the cell wall and through a table that was set up at ringside.

Edge got the bottom part of the ring steps inside the ring and hit the Edge-o-Matic on top of it before Rollins hit the Pedigree. Edge blocked the stomp and got a bucklebomb in the corner before getting a near fall off a spear at Crown Jewel.

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