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WWE Divas and the things you should know about them

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wwe women wrestlers
Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte, Hell in a Cell 2016

The Women’s Revolution is upon us with the female division of WWE taking over. Gone are the days when women in wrestling were objectified as mere sex symbols, whose primary purpose of existence was to mesmerise sleazy fans with their beauty. 

Today, female superstars can match their male counterparts in every aspect. This year furthered the notion of evolving female wrestlers, as WWE headlined one of its major PPV’s (Hell in a Cell) with a women’s title bout. 2016 also saw two female wrestlers participate in a Hell in a Cell match, for the very first time!

So without any conjectures in our hearts let us find out more about some of the female wrestlers of the past, present and even future.

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Nikki Bella and Brie Bella

nikki bella and brie bella

The Bella Twins played a pivotal in the Diva revolution, that happened, earlier in this decade. Both became huge hits with the WWE Universe, since the inception of WWE Network series, The Total Divas.

The twins joined WWE, in 2007, as they were a part of WWE’s developmental division, FCW, which was later relaunched as NXT. Brie was the first to make a debut on the main roster, as she was launched as a singles Superstar, who would often roll under the ring, during her matches, and would reappear rejuvenated.

After a series of matches, it was revealed that it was perhaps, her twin sister, Nikki, who came out to replace Brie.

Since that day, the twins have established themselves as the face of the Divas division, much of it, is thanks to Nikki’s sensational 301-day run as WWE Divas Champion. Nikki and Brie both have been former Divas Champion, and have translated their on-screen success to their personal lives as well. Both of them are currently dating and married to WWE mega stars, John Cena and Daniel Bryan respectively.


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brock lesnar wife sable

Sable made a transition from a successful career in modelling to a WWE Superstar in 1996. She quickly rose to prominence, despite being widely hated backstage. Sable also became WWE Women’s Champion, a title which she had to relinquish, even after winning the Night Gown stipulation match.

She later quit WWE and sued the company, citing sexual harassment as the cause. She returned to WWE in 2003, briefly and was did minor roles, before bowing out in 2004. During this time Sable became a sex symbol and appeared on the cover of Playboy Magzine.

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Michelle McCool

undertaker wife michelle mccool

Michelle McCool caught the eye of the WWE Universe, after her villainous gimmick of a sexy teacher, which was inspired by her real-life experiences as a teacher. She was also the inaugural WWE Divas Champion, and did some pretty good heel work, during that period.

McCool’s stint as a pro wrestler, came to a halt after she was defeated by her former partner, Layla, in a no disqualification match at Extreme Rules. In reality, Michelle wanted to retire, citing family commitments as the cause. McCool is married to Mark Callaway, also known as The Undertaker. In 2016, she was diagnosed with skin cancer.

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Renee Young

dean ambrose girlfriend renee young

The scintillating beauty, from Toronto, Canada, has been sensational in WWE, this far. Even though she is not an in-ring performer, she has enticed the WWE Universe with her brilliant work in SmackDown Live’s Post-Show, Talking Smack.

Renne is currently dating SmackDown Live Superstar, Dean Ambrose. She went on record stating that she wanted to be a stand-up comedian and wasn’t really a pro wrestling fan while growing up.

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Sasha Banks

sasha banks snoop dogg

It is safe to say that Sasha Banks is a Legit Boss. A fan favourite right from the beginning of her career, Banks was a revelation in NXT. She along with Lynch, Charollete and Bayley has transformed the image of female wrestling. She is a three-time WWE Women Champion.

Furthermore, Sasha is one of the two women, the other being Bayley, to headline a WWE event (NXT, Toronto). She was also a part of the longest ever Divas match in WWE history (30 minute Iron man match). Sasha Banks is a cousin of rapper/ singer/ songwriter, Snoop Dogg. 

She cited Eddie Gurrero as her favourite wrestler and was present in the arena, during his memorial service.

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Stephanie McMahon

triple h stephanie mcmahon

Stephanie McMahon is a fourth generation wrestling promoter. She joined her father’s company as a teenager, and worked her way up from a receptionist, to a valet, to various front desk jobs and finally to her current position, Chief Brand Officer.

Even though Stephanie was never a wrestler (except very occasionally), she has been a crucial part of the WWE Network in recent years. Her authority angle with husband, Triple H brought in a lot of mainstream heat and established herself as on of the top heels of the company.

Stephanie also played a critical role in the launch and success of WWE Network.

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AJ Lee

cm punk wife aj lee

AJ Lee’s rise to prominence came in 2012, as she was involved in various storylines, like her three-month General Manager stint, or her various relationships with different WWE Champions. AJ was also a three-time WWE Divas Champion, and won the Slammy Awards in 2012 and 2014, for the Diva of The Year.

While her career was short lived, Lee managed to attain a legendary status in the Divas division; her run as Divas Champion lasted for a staggering 406 days, across her three title reigns.

Lee was also vocal about gender discrimination in WWE, as she believed that despite being equal to male Superstars in every aspect, the female division did not get the same wages and also had limited on screen time. In 2015, AJ Lee followed her husband, CM Punk into retirement.

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ric flair daughter

While people often criticise Charlotte, for reaching the pinnacle of sports entertainment, vastly due to her last name, and not her talent, the argument is vain and unsustainable at the very least. Charollete was never trained by her father, Nature Boy, Ric Flair.

Despite her career in wrestling has only just begun, Charollete is one of the most refined female wrestlers, on the roster right now. She has all the accolades to be a top star and has held the WWE Women/WWE Divas title on three occasions.

Along with Banks, she is one of the two women to headline a major WWE PPV and also one of the two women to ever take part in a Hell in a Cell match.

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Noelle Margaret Foley

mick foley daughter

The daughter of Mick and Collette Foley, Noelle has been a life long fan of wrestling. Right from her childhood, she accompanied her mother, to watch Mick perform at various wrestling events around the world.

Noelle has even started training to be a pro wrestler, despite her parent's wishes, as they don’t want her to go through all the turmoils and physical pain involved in pro wrestling. Her broad knowledge and expertise on wrestling have become apparent, after her interviews with various WWE Superstars.

While we all wonder how Mick managed to bore such a beauty, Collette being a former model explains it to a certain extent.

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Total Divas

total divas

The TV series which first aired on July 28, 2013, gives its viewers an insight into the personal life of WWE Superstars. It revolves around the day to day struggles of wrestlers and also focuses on what happens when the curtains fall.

After six seasons and seventy-four episodes, Total Divas, the series has become a huge hit amongst fans. WWE production also launched a new series, Total Bellas, which is a spin-off of Total Divas and focuses heavily on the life of The Bellas and their partners.

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Hottest WWE Divas

hottest wwe divas

WWE Divas should be hot; it was a cliche, which WWE abandoned, with the inception of the New Era. While it is a good thing, for WWE to push female Superstars on the basis of their talent, instead of some kind of a ‘hotness score analysis’, we all would agree (at least to ourselves) that these WWE Divas, ruled our hearts and minds, in the not so good hours of the day. 

For me personally, it was Torrie Wilson, who was the perfect personification of hotness (if that is a thing), and was the Diva, that actually defined the term in its true sense.

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