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5 times bad blood between WWE Superstars spilled on screen

They say art imitates life; WWE is no exception to that.

Top 5 / Top 10 05 Jul 2016, 21:05 IST
Sometimes art imitates life

In the world of pro wrestling, there are various personalities, codes of conduct, and just general situations that can happen backstage. Put all of that in a mix and there is surely going to be some conflicts that will arise out of it.  

Sometimes the confrontations are too good to pass up; many times some of these have made it to the ring in exploitation goodness.  Simply, WWE will make the most out of it if it draws attention and more importantly, money. 

While most of us love a good, juicy story, you can’t help but to tune in anytime someone is having words on social media these days.  A lot of times it is done in joking fashion but there are times where the argument gets real and you’re staying on Twitter with popcorn in hand. 

Which it’s rather surprising that we haven’t seen too many personal wars of words make it into the ring in recent years. The current one going on is between Vader and Will Osperay, which stemmed from Vader’s criticism of Osperay’s highly praised match with Ricochet a few weeks back. While it’s non WWE related the attention it drew still speaks volumes in today’s social media world.

We all know about the good feuds over the years that got real personal, some before the boom of social media.  Some of those made for the best feuds, because it was the Superstars’ outlets to hash out any anger they carried from the said incident or confrontations they had in the past.  It made for good television, and who doesn’t love drama? 

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