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WWE/GFW News: Paige and El Patron talk about what really happened during the Orlando Airport Incident

Riju Dasgupta
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Wrestling's most controversial couple spoke their heart out
Wrestling's most controversial couple spoke their heart out

What's the story?

Alberto El Patron and Paige have been in the public eye for a variety of reasons, most recently as the result of a big spat at an airport in Orlando. They broke their silence, officially, by being part of SiriusXM Rush's Busted Open Show, hosted by another wrestler, Bully Ray. The pair alleged that they were fighting like a normal couple, but the internet blew things way out of proportion.

In case you didn't know...

An alleged domestic violence incident took place at an airport in Orlando, between Paige and Alberto El Patron, which resulted in the latter getting suspended from GFW, where he is the current world champion. Various versions of the incident have emerged, and the truth was made public at long last, by Paige and El Patron. Here is a glimpse of what they said.

The heart of the matter

Paige admitted that while they were laughing about it, at the time, they wished that the hullabaloo around them would just stop for good:

'We argued like a normal couple would. Like literally, we see this every other week, if we go to dinner and stuff like that...couples arguing. Because you are in the public eye and you are looked under a microscope, the media just made a massacre of us.'

The couple said that they were waiting for the official report to come out just to prove that the incident in question wasn't really a big deal. They believe that the internet blew things out of proportion, and Paige admitted that they did say mean things when they fought among themselves.

What's next?

Paige admitted that she is due to return to the ring very soon, and El Patron added that his own charges had been cleared too. He seemed optimistic about a return to the ring in the future.

Author's take

To be fair, as a representative of the media, we would rather write about professional wrestling exclusively. However, every time we try to avoid this rather 'passionate' couple, they make headlines yet again.

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