WWE Hall of Famer must help Chad Gable win at King & Queen of the Ring to spearhead new stable 

Chad Gable should prevail and win the Intercontinental Championship.
Chad Gable should prevail and win the Intercontinental Championship.

Chad Gable is eyeing winning the first singles title of his WWE career this Saturday when he faces Sami Zayn and Bronson Reed at King & Queen of the Ring. The former Olympian will challenge for Zayn's Intercontinental Championship in a Triple-Threat match in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. He is still the leader of the Alpha Academy but none of his stable mates appear to be fans of his recent behavior.

The 38-year-old's relationship with the faction is looking increasingly strained and it could be time for him to create a new one. He could do with an experienced head to give words of wisdom similar to The Bloodline's Paul Heyman. That man should be 2017 Hall of Famer Kurt Angle.

WWE loves rolling the red carpet out and producing big surprises when they visit Saudi Arabia. An appearance from The Wrestling Machine would shock fans and having him side with Chad Gable and help him win the Intercontinental Championship could set the Jeddah Super Dome on fire.

The 55-year-old retired from in-ring competition in 2019 but he's made sporadic appearances under a WWE legends deal since. He wouldn't even need to get too physical if a particular tag team is used to help Gable at King & Queen of the Ring.

Chad Gable can start a new stable as the new Intercontinental Champion coming out of WWE King & Queen of the Ring

Chad Gable's heel turn resulted from his frustrations missing out on a WrestleMania XL match against Gunther for the Intercontinental Championship. He failed to beat Sami Zayn for the title on RAW in Montreal a few weeks back and his disappointment turned into violence.

This has led to an intriguing situation with the Alpha Academy as he's tried to slap them into order. Otis displayed loyalty this past week on RAW by attacking Sami Zayn but apologized to the champion later in the night.

Chad Gable's patience should run out at King & Queen of the Ring. He should start a new stable who is on board with his dastardly antics. Kurt Angle should return and be his Wiseman, giving him advice en route to the main event scene but also during a solid Intercontinental Championship run.

The Creed Brothers have long been linked with turning heel and linking up with Gable. This was teased on RAW in a backstage segment between the trio. The former NXT Tag Team Champions should make their presence felt at King & Queen of the Ring on the orders of Angle. Ther the four would be one of WWE's must-watch stables this summer if such a thing should indeed happen.

Gable may feel he needs help dealing with Zayn and Reed

Chad Gable's record against Sami Zayn is 1-2 in clashes between the pair this year, ultimately leading to his heel turn. He boasts of a solitary victory from last week's RAW but that was courtesy of Otis' interference.

Otis is reluctant to participate in such antics given his apology to the champion. It's unlikely Chad Gable will be able to call upon the original Alpha Academy to help him overcome his longtime foe and Bronson Reed at King & Queen of the Ring.


This is why Kurt Angle should orchestrate an attack from the Creed Brothers to help turn the tide. They could take out Reed and Angle could strike Zayn with a chair to allow Gable to pin his rival and become Intercontinental Champion.

Fans could get a much-desired alternative Kurt Angle retirement match

Kurt Angle is undoubtedly one of WWE's all-time greats, a former five-time world champion. He left his mark on pro wrestling with his freestyle wrestling and Chad Gable has followed in his footsteps.

The Olympic Gold Medallist rode off into the sunset five years ago in a losing battle against Baron Corbin at WrestleMania 35. For many, including the former TNA star, it wasn't the ideal retirement match for such a legendary talent.

Angle returning as a member of a new Alpha Academy at King & Queen of the Ring could lead to him putting his wrestling gear on one more time. He could be protected in a group, perhaps booked in a tag team match with Chad Gable against Sami Zayn and a returning John Cena.


Kurt Angle claims he pushed to face the Cenation Leader at 'Mania 35 but Vince McMahon declined. The former WWE Chairman insisted he faced Corbin as they were feuding.

The American Hero hasn't had a match since but has looked to be in good shape when appearing sporadically post-retirement. Fans would love to chant "You Suck" one last time for the legend perhaps at WrestleMania 41 in Las Vegas after a return at King & Queen of the Ring.

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