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10 best WWE Immortals characters

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Wrestling’s answer to Mortal Kombat

WWE Immortals is WWE’s answer to Mortal Kombat. It is a touch-based combat game that features your favourite WWE superstars as WWE Immortals characters. Imagine Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, John Cena etc. as Mortal Kombat characters.

Well, now you can play with and as them in WWE Immortals!

The game consists of multiple wrestlers as Immortals characters, and you can play as them, and unlock them and other versions of them as well. It is available on both Android and iOS and is 1.5GB in downloads. Here is a list of the 10 best WWE Immortals Characters:

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#10 Dark Sorceress Paige

A look that suits Paige

Known as the Queen of Ravens, when Paige uses her signature attack, her teammates regenerate Adrenaline 15% quicker for a limited window of time. The Paige turner and the Rampaige are her signature attacks. She is a “Bronze” WWE Immortals Character.

Take a look at the sorceress and magical Anti-Diva on this video. You can even see her fight her NXT mentor Triple H!

#9 The Demon Kane

Another side of The Big Red Machine that we’ve never seen before!

His speciality being Demonic Power, Kane's attacks result in 15% increased Damage when he tags in with less than 20% Health. The Demon Kane is a “Bronze” WWE Immortals Character ass well. Here you can see The Demon Kane taking himself on in an intense battle

#8 Back Alley Brawler Dean Ambrose

An accurate depiction of The Lunatic Fringe

A “Silver” WWE Immortals character, Dean Ambrose takes 50% reduced DAMAGE from basic attacks. He retaliates with far greater power as well. Not too different from WWE where he ricochets off the ropes in a unique manner when Irish whipped!.

He has a "Lunatic Rage" mode where when he drops below 30% health, he deals 300% increased DAMAGE and takes NO DAMAGE from basic attacks. This state lasts for 20 seconds. It must be noted that most of his attacks are the same. They can be seen below in the video:

#7 Icebound Watcher Stone Cold

Opening a can of icy whoop-ass!

His speciality being, Ice Cold Vengeance, when Stone Cold’s Health drops below 50%, he gains a Vengeance Buff. This buff grants him 50% Life Steal on his next Signature Attack. He truly will open a can of icy whoop-ass on your sorry opponent! He is also a “Silver” WWE Immortals Character.

When his health drops below 50%, he gains a Vengeance Buff. This buff grants him 50% Life Steal on his next signature attack. You can watch the Icebound Rattlesnake below:

#6 Cyborg Brock Lesnar

The Cyborg Beast Incarnate

A “Silver” character, he goes by the nickname Conqueror, as in real life Brock deals 15% increased Damage after defeating an opponent. Just like in reality, The Beast Incarnate’s strength and damage knows no limits! 

Paul Heyman likely won’t be pleased due to Brock being only Silver and not Gold! Here is a clip of The Beast Incarnate in Immortals:

#5 Evolved John Cena

Super Cena enters the mobile game world!

The first “Gold” Immortals character on this list, his speciality being the Will to Win (basing off his character), Evolved John Cena deals bonus Damage with his basic attacks as he loses Health. And as super Cena always does, he ups his game in times of adversity!

You can watch Evolved Cena here:

#4 No! No! No! Daniel Bryan

A heel Bryan for the first time in 4 years!

Another “Gold” character, Building Momentum is his speciality. When Bryan performs a signature attack, he gains 30% Speed and deals 30% more Damage.

Here you can see Bryan take on his once arch-nemesis Sheamus!

#2 King Of Kings Triple H

An extremely accurate depiction of The Game

A "Gold" character, Each time The Cerebral Assassin KOs an opponent, all remaining opponents lose Adrenaline. The Game is one of the finest characters in WWE Immortals, and you can see just how much of a “must play” character he is in the video below:

#1 Lumberjack Big Show

Hard to differentiate between the game and reality

The World's largest athlete's speciality is "Big Defense". After tagging in, Big Show takes 65% reduced Damage for 6 seconds. You can see some of the moves of the World’s largest game athlete in the mobile gaming world here:

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