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WWE Live Event Results: Nashville 12/28/2016

Cena-Styles play tug-of-war, Steel Cage match, 3 Championship defense and more.

Styles ends the year on the mat courtesy of John Cena and Dean Ambrose

The latest Live Event featuring the SmackDown Live! roster took place in Nashville. The last Live Event for the year gathered a huge number of audience and showcased some of the spectacular matches. Here are the results for the night.

#1 Tag Team Turmoil – SmackDown Tag Team Championship

The new SmackDown Tag Team Champions Chad Gable and Jason Jordan defended their title in a tag team turmoil match featuring The Ascension, The Usos, The Vaudevillains and Breezango. The American Alpha retained their championship in an entertaining match.

The American Alpha showcased a strong performance in their first defense of the title. The Ascension also had some strong moments. It looks like The Ascension may be getting some much-deserved push after a long time.

Result: The American Alpha retain SmackDown Tag Team Championship


#2 SmackDown Women’s Championship

SmackDown Live! Women’ s Champion Alexa Bliss defended her title against Becky Lynch in a great match. According to the reports, the match was as good as their TV match. It involved lots of counters and near falls.

However, there was no indication of the La Luchadora in the Live Event. Alexa Bliss retained her title in a hard fought victory.

Result: Alexa Bliss retains over Becky Lynch 

#3 James Ellsworth vs Curt Hawkins

In what could be touted as a “Toilet Break” match of the night James Ellsworth faced off against Curt Hawkins. James Ellsworth actually squashed Curt Hawkins in less than 30 seconds to get a win over Curt Hawkins.

What was ironic in this match is the fact that Curt Hawkins is basically jobbing to a jobber. Ellsworth delivered a No Chin Music as soon as the match progressed to get a quick victory over Curt Hawkins.

Result: James Ellsworth defeats Curt Hawkins


#4 Dolph Ziggler vs The Miz  – Steel Cage Match

In what could easily be the match of the night, Dolph Ziggler faced off against  The Miz in a Steel Cage match. The non-title bout really exceeded the expectations of many fans. The match went back and forth before Ziggler picked up a win against The Miz.

Ziggler bled early in the match and sold well for The Miz. There were some cool spots in the match that reminisced The Macho Man. 

Result: Dolph Ziggler defeats The Intercontinental Champion The Miz


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