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WWE News: AJ Lee was told she wasn't attractive enough by WWE Executives

WWE Director of Talent Relations and the company's higher-ups felt that AJ Lee was unattractive.

News 26 Feb 2017, 21:33 IST
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Brie Bella (L) gets slapped by AJ Lee (R). (Credits:

What’s The Story?

AJ Lee (real name-April Jeanette Mendez-Brooks) is all set to release a memoir that’ll chronicle her upbringing and career in professional wrestling, titled ‘Crazy Is My Superpower: How I Triumphed by Breaking Bones, Breaking Hearts and Breaking the Rules’.

Early reviews of her book reveal that Lee’s memoir touches upon several controversial issues, including the WWE’s misogynistic and sexist approach towards women in pro-wrestling. 

She recalled an incident when a WWE executive, Director of Talent Relations, to be precise, called her ‘unf*%****e’ and ugly. Said executive also told her that the company’s higher-ups also held the same views regarding her personality and marketability as a WWE Diva. 

In case you didn’t know....

AJ Lee is a former 3-time WWE Divas champion and 3-time Slammy award winner, who rose to prominence in 2012 owing to main-card storylines with top WWE superstars such as Daniel Bryan, John Cena, Kane, Dolph Ziggler and her husband CM Punk (real name- Phil Brooks).

Her rise also included a brief reign as the General Manager of Monday Night RAW, however, after her husband’s fallout with the WWE head-honchos, Lee eventually retired from the company as well as from the pro-wrestling business, in 2015. 

The heart of the matter

Now mind you, the executive who went on the aforementioned misogynistic rant to downgrade Lee has not been named by her in the book. Nevertheless, here is what the ex-champ said in a recent interview-

“I was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder when I was barely out of my teens. Like our olive skin tone and caterpillar eyebrows, I guess it just runs in the family.”  (Credits- Wrestlingnews)

Here’s a tweet regarding her upcoming memoir and her conversation with fellow UFC wife, Megan Olivi:

Furthermore, rumors have it that Lee’s mention of the unnamed WWE exec may be alluding to the fact that said executive is former RAW General Manager and WWE corporate executive (non kayfabe), John Laurinitis. 

What’s Next?

Lee’s book is scheduled to be published in April of this year and judging by the buzz it has been generating, amongst the hardcore pro-wrestling fans in particular, the memoir written by the woman herself promises to deliver.

Regardless, it’s essential to note that in the past couple of years, the WWE has changed up its approach towards the WWE Women’s division, retiring the Divas Championship at Wrestlemania 32 and renaming the title as the WWE Women’s championship, one each for RAW and SmackDown respectively. 

Sportskeeda’s take

It’s a well-documented fact that Lee has had a rough upbringing, having grown up with her siblings living in motels, cars and at times, other people’s houses. In spite of all her childhood issues as well as being undersized against fellow female wrestlers, she reached the pinnacle of her sport by winning major WWE titles and participating in several notable storylines.

As far as the unnamed WWE suit goes, we don’t condone such discriminatory behaviour. Here’s wishing AJ Lee the best of luck with her book. 

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