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WWE News: Alberto Del Rio accuses WWE of underpaying talent

Alberto Del Rio opened up about life after WWE as Alberto El Patron, his respect for Impact Wrestling and more.

News 18 May 2017, 13:45 IST
Del Rio spoke about life after WWE, as Alberto El Patron.

What’s the story?

In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, former WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio spoke about life after WWE as Alberto El Patron.

Alberto talked about a myriad of issues including his immediate success in Impact Wrestling, his decision to sign with the promotion, WWE’s monopoly, passing the torch to the next generation and his pursuits outside the ring.

In case you didn’t know...

Alberto Del Rio, whose real name is Jose Rodriguez, has performed for several notable promotions the world over, including two stints with WWE that saw him win the World Heavyweight and WWE Championship as well.

The 39-year old parted ways with WWE back in 2015 and has been highly critical of his former employers ever since.

The heart of the matter

Del Rio heaped praise on Bobby Lashley, lauding the latter’s athleticism and ring-craft. He also asserted that he has several issues with WWE management and nothing but respect for the Impact Wrestling executives.

He added that he loves working with talented Impact performers such as EC3 and that he’ll stay with the company for as long as the fans want him there.

On the WWE’s monopoly in the sport, he added:

They’re smart, you cannot blame them. The problem is with the talent. Just going there to be there with the promise of being on TV, but not even charging good money for your work, is not good business.

We as wrestlers need to remember that this is a business…I was there and saw some of the main guys, new top heels and new top babyfaces, get paid nothing for their matches. The new talent joining NXT is taking pay cuts to work there, sometimes even 80 percent less. You need to be rewarded for your work in a business.”

Furthermore, he praised Rey Mysterio crediting the latter for handing over the reins of the Mexican Luchador representation in WWE to him and also appreciated current WWE Superstar Kalisto’s skills. On life outside wrestling, he added:

“I’m planning on retiring in two years. I’m still good to go and I don’t have any major injuries, but I always promised myself I would leave on top. I started wrestling when I was eight years old with the amateur wrestling team in Mexico.

I love the business with all my heart, but my body is getting tired. It’s all the travel. I’m going to do my last two years with Impact Wrestling.”

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What’s next?

Alberto Del Rio is presently the GFW World champion and has revealed that he’ll continue working for his MMA promotion Combate Americas, besides speaking about his new restaurant and bar in San Antonio.

The Mexican star has stated that he plans to get married to fellow pro-wrestler and current WWE Superstar Paige (Saraya-Jade Bevis) in the last week of July.

Author’s take

Del Rio has carved his own niche in the sport of professional wrestling. Despite all the controversy that tends to surround him, his ability to reach the coveted Hispanic demographic makes him an invaluable asset to Impact Wrestling. 

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