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WWE News: Bret Hart says underutilized RAW Superstars are 'finally' getting the chance they deserve

Rohit Nath
3.06K   //    12 Sep 2019, 11:33 IST

Drew McIntyre and Becky Lynch
Drew McIntyre and Becky Lynch

Bret Hart has been a very vocal legend over the last few years. It was only a couple of years ago when he was viewed as "bitter" for being critical about certain Superstars such as Seth Rollins.

Since his criticism often comes to the forefront, it's better we take a look at his expertise and unique perspective on wrestling, especially given that he's one of the greatest minds in the history of the business.

Speaking to Sports Illustrated, The Hitman opened up about two particular WWE Superstars who he seems to be very high on right now.

The 2-Time Hall of Famer praises two top RAW Superstars

The first Superstar who Bret Hart praised was none other than Drew McIntyre. He said:

"I always respected big guys when I wrestled them, respected their size and their ability, and tried to bring out the best of them. A big guy I've been a big fan of for a long time is Drew McIntyre and his work. I'm glad that he had a rebound and he's doing really well."

He continued, saying:

"It was a long climb to the top for me, that's for sure. Sometimes you need to retreat, circle the wagons, and come back with a new plan. I think that's what happened with Drew. But he's so polished now and he's finally getting the chance he deserves."

Another Superstar who Bret Hart praised immensely is none other than The Man Becky Lynch, who he has been extremely impressed by.

"Becky's been around the business long enough to know she has to look at everything as a challenge. She's already broken some major barriers, and now she gets to live out her dreams every day, which is magical. She's up for any challenge in any match, and she's really focused, really skilled, and hard-working. Women are stepping into new challenges all over the world, and that includes pro wrestling. There's no limitations anymore, and that's a great thing. I think she can overcome anything that anyone throws at her."

Both Superstars are very deserving of the praise that Bret Hart has given them. If a 2-time Hall of Famer gives you that kind of an endorsement, then you're clearly doing something right.

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