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WWE News: Chris Jericho reveals how Undertaker convinced him to work WrestleMania match

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Jericho and Undertaker
Jericho and Undertaker

What's the story?

Former WWE Superstar Chris Jericho recently appeared on the Busted Open Radio Show and talked on a variety of topics.

Jericho stated that he didn't want to wrestle Fandango at WrestleMania 29, but The Undertaker convinced him to do the same on a phone call.

In case you didn't know...

Chris Jericho turned from a cruiserweight to a main eventer when he switched from WCW to WWE in 1999. His debut is still regarded as possibly the greatest in the history of Monday Night Raw.

Jericho went on to defeat The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin on the same night to win the WWE Undisputed Title. He wrestled Triple H in his first WrestleMania main event at WrestleMania 18.

Currently, Jericho is signed with All Elite Wrestling, in what he called "the best deal of his life". He later said that Vince McMahon banned him from WWE for signing with AEW.

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The heart of the matter

The former WWE World Heavyweight Champion spoke in depth on his WrestleMania 29 match against Fandango. He wasn't happy with being put into a match without much buildup, but Vince McMahon was hell-bent on booking the bout to put Fandango over. Jericho hung up on McMahon and proceeded to call The Undertaker.

And Undertaker said, 'Do it. What's the problem? That's who he wants you to work - work him!'

He said 'If you go and do your best and get this match over, and get this guy over, Vince will respect you more. And even if you don't, this is your job.

What's next?

Jericho is all set for a new beginning with AEW, and will be featured in the main event of the promotion's first show, "Double Or Nothing", at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on May 25th.

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