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WWE News: Hall of Famer wants an apology from Bray Wyatt

Gary Cassidy
7.58K   //    14 Aug 2019, 02:46 IST

Will The Fiend choose to hurt or heal?
Will The Fiend choose to hurt or heal?

Since the emergence of The Fiend, Bray Wyatt has been making quite a habit of apologizing.

On the recent end of the past few have been WWE Hall of Famers Kurt Angle and Mick Foley - shortly after The Fiend decimated both men, but Wyatt has been apologizing to Superstars left, right and centre.

Well, one WWE Hall of Famer has called out Wyatt and asked for an apology!

Who is the Hall of Famer?

Well, it's Bully Ray! Responding to a tweet where Wyatt says he forgives Sean Rueter (see below) Bubba Ray Dudley decided to shoot his shot and demand an apology from Wyatt for his Royal Rumble 2015 elimination.

Who is Sean Rueter?

Well, that's one of the big questions raised tonight by Wyatt's followers. Rueter is a wrestling journalist who wrote an article at the start of the year called Actually Bray, We Don't Have Any Faith for Cageside Seats that prompted a response from Wyatt that has since been deleted.

Dear Sean Rueter, I don’t care what you think. How’s this for cryptic, I’ll be back soon. And when everyone sees how great I am, you will owe me a beer. Until then, stop writing reports on me every time I write something.

Rueter has since apologized to Bray Wyatt

Wyatt has since returned to the ring and been absolutely dominant in the build-up to his SummerSlam match, whereby several legends fell to the Fiend before Finn Balor became his first official victim in the ring. The match, however, was overshadowed by an even better entrance - filled with hidden gems and nods to Wyatt's old character.


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UPDATE: This piece has been updated from a previous version with Sean Rueter's apology.