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WWE News: Jim Ross 'perplexed' at how Sasha Banks-Charlotte match ended at Roadblock, talks Braun Strowman and more

Ross claimed that 'The Abominable Strowman' could soon become a 'top card' athlete.

Jim Ross raised his doubts over the finish of the Sasha-Charlotte match at Roadblock

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross reviewed the ‘Roadblock: End Of The Line’ pay-per-view in his latest blog. Ross discussed finding the finish of the Women’s Championship match confusing, why Braun Strowman should be pushed for the top card and the Seth Rollins-Chris Jericho match among other topics related to the Raw-exclusive PPV.

Talking about the 30-minute Ironman match between Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair, he wrote that he found the match enjoyable but found the finish of the match a little strange unless it was going to impact the in-ring character of either performer.

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Ross was also of the opinion that the match suffered at the hands of the audience in the arena more than any other match on the night. Here’s what the legendary WWE commentator wrote:

“There was lots of pressure on Sasha and Charlotte to have some sort of history making match in the 30 Minute Ironman Match. I enjoyed the match but how the finish was executed was perplexing to me unless it is going to lead to a persona change for either women.

The live audience, arguably, harmed this match more than any on the card considering the stipulation and positioning on the card. I had no issue that this match did not close the show either.”

Good Ol’ JR was all praise for the concept behind the match between Sami Zayn and Braun Strowman at Roadblock. However, he suggested that the involvement of Mick Foley proved to hinder the flow of the match. 

According to him, Strowman is a great prospect for the top card and he should be preserved as much as possible until he is ready to climb up the ladder. Ross pointed out at a possibility of him perhaps challenging someone like Brock Lesnar or John Cena at Wrestlemania 2018.

This is what ‘The Voice Of The WWE' mentioned in his blog:

“Liked the concept of the Sami Zayn-Braun Strowman match where to win Zayn had to last 10 minutes with the massive, new villain. Execution was OK but something here was a disconnect for me. Some could argue that essentially stopping the match with Mick Foley was, in hindsight, stopped the flow of the bout.

Strowman should be enhanced/built and kept as unscathed as possible until he is ready to work on top of the card and he certainly seems to have the potential, in say, one year, to challenge a Lesnar, Cena, etc at Wrestlemania 2018. Hey, it's just  an idea and someplace to start.”

Jim Ross claimed to have enjoyed the way the match between Seth Rollins and Chris Jericho was executed. If anything, though, he said that he would have liked to see Jericho working more on Rollins’ back before applying the ‘Walls of Jericho’ submission manoeuvre on ‘The Man’. Ross wrote:

“Enjoyed the execution, by and large,  of the Jericho vs Rollins match and Chris did well by Seth in the manner that the match concluded I.E. a big win for Rollins. I would have preferred, in hindsight, to see Jericho be relentless in working on Rollins back as a thread to take me through their match while setting up Jericho's Walls of Jericho finisher but I enjoyed the presentation nonetheless.”

The iconic commentator said that he was surprised about how good the Raw Tag Team Championship match between The New Day and the Cesaro-Sheamus duo turned out to be. However, he reckoned that most of the other matches on the night did not live up to the standard set by the opening tag team bout.

“The WWE Tag Title bout was better than expected for me and it delivered significantly. Great way to start the show but unfortunately some of the bouts that followed did not live up to the opener. Nonetheless this was a hit,” stated Jim Ross in his blog.

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